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We kind of knew that this would happen with Ubisoft again, especially following the constant release date pushes that The Division has experienced. But yes people - Tom Clancy's The Division has undergone a pretty massive downgrade on XBOX One, PS4 and PC. You can check out the video below to see the extent of the graphical overhaul; where the differences between each E3 demonstration are remarkably clear. So what does this mean?

Tom Clancy's The Division has been a game that Ubisoft has been talking about for years. It looked truly astounding at E3 2013, and still did at 2014. But clearly running this game at such a high level of graphical quality was too much for the team at Massive. The Division will offer massive maps for us to develop our character in a true RPG fashion but it won't be looking anywhere near as good as we'd hoped. Could Tom Clancy's The Division become Ubisoft's Watch Dogs 2?

Is The Division Watch Dogs 2?
Is The Division Watch Dogs 2?

Is Tom Clancy's The Division Ubisoft's Watch Dogs 2?

We all recall the downgrade controversy that Watch Dogs went through close to its official release date. The game underwent a massive change in comparison to how Ubisoft advertised it and a lot of gamers were really disappointed by it. But of course, Watch Dogs didn't just disappoint us in the graphics department - it was a pretty underwhelming game in every capacity. Therefore, The Division still has a glimmer of hope in escaping the labelling of Watch Dogs 2.

This online RPG - even though its graphics won't be as pretty as Ubisoft showed them to be - really looks fantastic. The gameplay demo that Ubisoft unveiled at E3 gave us a further glimpse into the kind of fights we'll be experiencing online. Those at E3 could engage in a similar situation, in that they were placed in an enclosed area and tasked with collecting some gear and then waiting for an extraction. Teams at Gamespot said that this mode will get old extremely fast, so they hope there will be a greater sense of variety on its release date - and we're sure there will be!

The Division & its Graphical Downgrade

So how do you feel about this situation gamers? Are you disappointed by the graphical downgrade that [Tom Clancy's The Division](tag:2684169) has undergone? Were you surprised by this development or did Watch Dogs leave you prepared for everything Ubisoft had to show at E3? Can it escape being labelled as Watch Dogs 2?

Obviously, graphics aren't everything. The Division could really demonstrate some great gameplay decision for us on its release date. But I suppose Ubisoft should really pull back on these promises. [Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege](tag:2768317) has done a great job of never really advertising its graphics - it's just a really well made team-based online shooter. Perhaps The Division should have scaled back its expectations. In any case, we'll have more chances to see it in the future before its March, 2016 release date.


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