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Most of us think that new Fantastic Four movie is going to suck but you might change your mind when you read these facts.

1. The new Fantastic 4 movie will take place in the same universe as the X-men.

2. Tom Hanks' son, Chet Hanks, will make his first film debut as Jimmy Grimm.

3. This will be the 4th Fantastic 4 movie!!!

4. Doctor Doom's hacker persona is inspired for V from V for Vendetta.

5. This will be the 3rd Fantastic 4 movie to be released in the movie theatres because the first one was cancelled before released.

The 1994 cancelled fantastic four.
The 1994 cancelled fantastic four.

6. The new fantastic four movie will be released 10 years after the 2005 fantastic 4 movie.

7. Michael B. Jordan was the first choice for Johnny Storm.

8. The suits the fantastic four wear are based of real life containment suits.

9. The new Fantastic Four is more grounded in reality than the older and goofier.

10. The Thing will be CGI compared to the older Fantastic Four movies.

I got these facts from the following links:

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