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After Joseph gorden levitt started talking about his enthusiasm for sandman, the hollywood rumor galleries keep on speculating about either some script development or some casting rumors. Recently (actually not recently but before some time) Neil gaiman expressed his choice for morpheus as Tom hiddleston.

From there on the cast speculations and fan theories between the fans got their acceleration on full thrust. Today i'm going to present my options for "The Endless" .

The origin and exact nature of the Endless is unknown. Few hints are ever given in the series as to exactly why the Endless exist. They seem to be natural forces. They have at times been described as "a creation of the consciousness of living beings". Well according me the endless is the whole base of universe and the way Neil Gaiman presented them is truly depend upon the qualities their name or character possessed.

Well important info before fan cast- endless don't have any proper gender or age (off course they know who's younger but they represent infinity) because of their omnipotent and omnipresence qualities. So the best part is apart from some basic element a director can mold whatever they want as per his imagination. Endless consider themselves each other's siblings .


The destiny-
The oldest of the Endless, Destiny appears as a blind man holding a book in his hand which is chained. This book have the entire calculation of past , present and future. This character is itself showing someone mature to hold this act which can be consider as the anchor of whole movie.

MY PICK - Nicolas cage even though he's walking upon a rough patch their is no doubt that this person is one of the best actors out their. Well he's continuously walking on that patch from a decade, he should let someone else to select movies for him.


William Dafoe - Well his face and his voice is awesome and i think if you are taking Dafoe for a role then you don't have to worry.

Jim Carry - After watching his eternal sunshine of spotless mind i believe this man deserve to play serious roles (heart breaking when Nolan shelved his Howard Hughes movie as Jim Carry in lead ).

Ethane hawke - I know this one is quite awkward but ethane is mature enough and powerful enough to anchored whole movie and may provide new horizon to visit in this role.


your choice for destiny ?


The destruction - A very large, robust man who sometimes appears bearded and sometimes shaven. Destruction abandoned his responsibilities causing conflict between him and his siblings. Since this role need someone who seems ruthless in my opinion and also physically intruding then other character.

MY PICK - Mads Mikkelsen this danish actor deserve a lot than he has on his plate right now. After watching his portrayal of Dr. Hannibal or his work in Pusher trilogy ( best of Drive director "refn" ) or his danish movie jagtan a.k.a The Hunt.

Honorable Mentions -

Daniel craig - one word only i don't know why this guy seems ruthless , cunning and their is lots of gloom and negativity on his face. This man is the depiction of Male chauvinism and tremendously handsome.

Javier Bardam - well this one is also fine not so ruthless as other but how can we forget his performance in "no country for old man" . This guy can perform whatever out there.

Gerard Butler - Well the most obvious and fan based choice among all and his portrayal in "300" to make him eligible here. Tailored made role for him.


your choice for destruction ?


Desire is androgynous, capable of appearing as a man, a woman, neither, or possibly both. Desire has a cruel streak and i think its better to show her transgender. Either pick an actress who can hold the attitude of a cruel male or select a male and personify his look as a girl ( wait for Eddie Redmayne for the danish girl or Jaret Leto) and this also provide the chance to visit the unbiased nature of desire and its cruelty with a touch of madness.


Mia Wasikowaska she's haunting and i think the most accomplished actress of his age to handle such complicated roles. I just love her every time every second she's on screen, somewhere somehow i saw Tilda Swinton in her.

Edward Nortan prepare him like a women or a girl with heavy makeup and give him a chance, i think this will be one of the most legendary act ever in the comic book history. (Nortan over Mia my choice)


Michelle Williams - This lady here deserves comic movie role but she's quite more intellectually strong for some kind of messy humor and this role will prove her reign.

Reene Carney - His subtle look and his famine facial expressions some time (well i think so) he'll be easily adaptable in this role and the reason this pick is his act in Penny Dreadful .


your choice for Desire ?


Despair - Twin sister to Desire . A short obese grey skinned women seems far older than other endless. She is occasionally mentioned in passing, and is later depicted in The Sandman: Endless Nights. It is hinted that she may have been responsible for the destruction of the planet Krypton as a means to create the ultimate despair. (well that's krypton is connected somehow)

There is not much available options out there for this role i think.


Melissa macarthy This talented women never get the chance to perform any thing serious but she's the most suitable for this role. Imagine her while using her witty humor in a manner to show her jealousy against her twin or while accepting her not so serious fault of destroying Krypton.


Kathy bates- best fan based choice out their and their is no need of words to tell weather she can act or not or why she deserves her name here. I think she's best among other.

Gobroey sidbe - Her role in precious and also based upon character.

Jonah Hill - If we agreed upon to show despair as twin brother of Desire, and he'll be kickass in his role that's for sure.


your choice for despair ?


Delirium- Delirium of the Endless is unique in several ways, perhaps the strangest of all of her siblings, she is unique in the fact that she has served as multiple functions...originally, an unknown amount of years ago (though less than 10,000,000,000) she was Delight of the Endless, and it was until she changed and went through a transformation (circumstances unknown) that she became Delirium of the Endless.She has wild multicolored hair and eccentric, mismatched clothes. Her only permanent physical characteristic is that one of her eyes is emerald green (usually the right side) and the other pale blue with silver flecks (usually the left side)

She's my fav and while in a movie i can imagine her "let me alone" kind person with have colored makeup some what consider herself better or apart from other and the only one close to destruction . She was once known as Delight, but some traumatic event caused her to change into her current role.

Rooney Mara - Her performance in Girl with the dragon Tattoo and also her under rated performance in side effects .


Emma stone - Well she's talented but her version should be little more friendly than Rooney Mara or Kristen Stewart's version. ( so the delight version )

Kristen Stewart - I can totally imagined her "I'm always fucked" face perfectly justifying this role and also heavy colorful makeup will look wonderful . Her portrayal provide somewhat "Terry Gilliam" kind of makeup.


what's your choice for Delirium ?

Death - She was once known as Delight, but some traumatic event caused her to change into her current role. Showing up as the lovable older sister to Dream, she quickly became a fan favorite because of her personality and attitude and how it differs so much from what one might expect Death to be like. She's the most popular after Dream.

Neil Gaiman 's most well acclaimed character is Death due to her goth touch and her persona according to critics it's the most celebrated personified version of death in history.


Tilda Swinton - Best to portray death, she proved over and over again with the movies like "we need to talk about kevin" and "Only lovers left alive" that she can handle any kind of weirdo role or his act in " Michel Calyton" is the gems of her career. His classical form of acting with hold the comics presentation to its depth and she outnumbered other choices easily.


Elizabeth Olsen - She looks's gothic with heavy koel in her eyes and She's an awesome actress i am sure she will surly justify the role. Also fan favorite choice based upon her looks and age also on the basis of similarity with comic character.

Cate Blanchett - I think if anyone ever confused about whom to cast in any role then cate will be his first choice.

Angelina Jolie/ Eve Green - Both are for their same reason, to play negative character and make look like they were never wrong. Well Death is nowhere negative but quite confused and this is one of the main aspect of death. Also their persona is enough to Grasp the every moment of screen. I prefer Eva Greene over jolie.


what's your choice for death ?


Dream - The first one to be seen in comics as one of The Endless, seeing as he is the character. Dream's usual appearance is as a tall, pale man with wild dark blue-black hair. He dresses in a shapeless cloak of "night" with "flames dancing in its folds". His eyes are pools of shadows with glimmers of light within. He is known by many names, most commonly "Morpheus". He has a long history of insensitivity towards others, and throughout The Sandman, he must come to deal with his past cruelties. He is very concerned with fulfilling his responsibilities.

Their's two version of dream

1. Morpheus
2. Daniel


Adrien brody - Physically and even the attitude needed to play Morpheus is here. Adrien is one of the best actor and his acting skills continuously showing tremendous capability but he'as lack of projects or roles to show his own strength . I love this actor and need some more applause . And his portrayal in Detachment shows how Morpheus should be .


Robert Pattinson - I don't know why but many times i feel like he became escape goat due to twilight and Stewart. His looks feels quite right for this role

Lee pace - His work in fall , also the looks and their's a coldness in his character (which i saw most in broody) which makes him better choice than hiddleston and JGL.

Tom Hiddleston - Fan favorite and also extremely talented. Neil's choice

Joseph Gorden lewitt - Well he's the director and also quite accomplished for this role. Even Fan's were also satisfied up to a point.


what's your pick for Dream ?

that's it friends, please tell your choices and vote up here. and if you have any new addition then please add over here. please tell your choices for -

Lucifer ( my pick- Ryan gosling)
Corinthain ( my pick- James Franco)
Mervyin Pumpkinhead ( my pick - Hugo weaving)
Mazikeen (my pick - Eva Greene)
Cain and Able (my pick - Peter Dinklage - Jean Reno )

big question -: please tell what you think - this will be better for TV or Big screen ????


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