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Hey Creators!

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Last week, 3.2 million fans read and shared your articles and watched your videos, and 447 new Creators joined the community and started posting. Another amazing week for MP Creators!

Recognize this Creator on the Insidious: Chapter 3 red carpet? Yep, it's Nicole Renee, our horror fan who got to sneak around the film locations past midnight! Keep posting, and soon we might be flying YOU out to these events.

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And... The results are in! For their heartwarming stories, their savvy editing skills, and their spectacular imaginations, these Creators are the best of the week.

Most Read Creator: Traelon Randolf. 1 week. 358,888 reads!

Staff Pick of the Week: Mike Wilson 3RUN. You can easily help Spider-Dad fundraise for an amazing cause.

Video of the Week: Michael Hesser. Can you keep that jaw from dropping while watching Michael's fan trailer for Stephen King's IT?

Quiz of the Week: Arnar Kristinsson. Which Playstation character are you?

New Creators are jumping in and joining the Moviepilot community all the time, and each week we feature the 10 must-reads on the site from our new recruits. This week's roundup dabbles in Mario, Marvel, anime reviews, and more! Check it out!


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