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The Author Tag is a new Facebook feature that makes it easy to follow content creators whose articles get shared on Facebook. If you signed up to Moviepilot via Facebook, this is something that can help boost your following on your personal profile or Facebook page. After all, oodles of Creator articles get shared every day on our Facebook pages. So, go on. Boost your brand and grow your following with Moviepilot!

How does the Author tag work?

From now on when we share an article by you on any of our Facebook pages, we will link directly to your page or profile. If you have an author profile (a profile dedicated to sharing your writing or vlogging), a 'Follow' button will appear; if you have an author page, a 'Like' button is shown. This makes it simple for readers to subscribe in one click to all your posts and updates. For more info on how this all works, check out Facebook's blog.

How do I make sure my Author Tag is enabled for Moviepilot?

You must have signed up to Moviepilot via Facebook, rather than Twitter or Google+, for this to work. If that's the case, then your part is really simple: just make sure on Facebook your Follow feature is turned on. We'll take care of the rest. Voilà!


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