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When it comes to feeding information to fans, DC has a slightly different approach to PR than Marvel. While the denizens of The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy are jovial about catching fans up on developments, DC more often employs the "whoops how did that get there?" method. It works well, with fans fawning over the sparse images of what they're to get, or as with the Suicide Squad leaks, lampooning creative decisions that are almost asking to be made fun of. DC seems to be playing it fast and loose with it's marketing, yet there's one property that's remained quite heavily guarded.

[Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) is such a huge leap, fans and critics alike just can't look away. It's like seeing someone tight-rope walk between two sky scrapers. Even if you don't know the guy, you know it will be entertaining whether he falls or makes it. Fans have only been treated to a trailer and a few pictures hinting at the look of the film, with a skeletal synopsis suggesting that, SHOCKINGLY, Batman fights Superman. So far, we've been yet to receive info on the setting of the movie, as well as the primary antagonist.

So where's this all set?

Henry Cavill sticking out.
Henry Cavill sticking out.

Since so little about the story of Batman vs Superman has given away, it's fun to exploit the gaps in our knowledge. I can just imagine Batman and Superman on the phone, agreeing to fight, before one simply asks "wait am I coming to you or are you coming to me?" As funny as that image is, it's still a legitimate question. Since this has been deemed a sequel to Man of Steel, we would be right in assuming that the movie takes place in Metropolis, which has allegedly been upgraded from being a city to encompassing an entire state. I'm not surprised, since there isn't much left after what happened with Zod's terraforming efforts.

Early production involved shooting in LA that was intended to depict a Gotham vs Metropolis Football game (a nice little metaphor for the movie itself), though it's not certain whether a scene like this will appear in the final movie. The trailer for Batman vs Superman depicted Superman himself at a Day of the Dead festival, though whether he's there on official business, we just don't know. Perhaps he's making amends for Man of Steel, visiting every culture on the planet and insisting "I'm a nice guy! Really!"

A new villain for Dawn of Justice!

Jesse Eisenberg dedicated to a role!
Jesse Eisenberg dedicated to a role!

As much of a gutsy move it was to pitch Batman against Superman, and as much as fans love this new characterization, I just don't think Zack Snyder and Warner Bros are brave enough to cement either Bruce Wayne or Clark Kent as a genuine villain. It would sit wrong with audiences, and muddle the series right out the gate. The recently released synopsis alluded to a "new threat" that would supposedly be so great as to make the two heroes put their differences aside and fight for a nobler cause.

The likelihood that this new threat could be Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor is pretty high, though I'm not sure what kind of threat he could possibly be. Lex Luthor has always been about manipulating assets for his own personal gain. He's hardly a gargantuan danger for all humanity that Superman himself must stop. Rumors have been thrown around as to Doomsday playing a role in the movie, playing a Darth Vader-esque enforcer character. This suggestion is pretty wild, and it seems we can only sit tight with the knowledge that the true villain in Batman vs Superman may still be a complete mystery, and that anything could happen between now and the film's release in 2016.

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