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Most of you probably already know the considerable following Moviepilot has on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but did you know that we also put out original and exclusive content on our MP Creators Youtube channel? This means that even if you're staying up to date with the movie world with us on other social sites, you might still be missing out on awesome videos if you aren't subscribed to us on Youtube!

Allow me to introduce our Youtube channel and let you know why you'll want to subscribe for the awesome content you can't see anywhere else!

1. Red Carpet Premieres

We regularly take Moviepilot creators to the red carpet premieres of their most anticipated movies, connecting superfans with their favorite celebrities! A great example of this is when we took Reid Jones, known by many as the biggest Marvel fan in the world, on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to join the stars of Avengers: Age of Ultron on the red carpet. Reid was lucky enough to ask questions to Stan Lee, Joss Whedon, James Gunn and many more of the MCU's important figures before joining them to watch the premiere screening of Avengers: Age of Ultron.

2. Games & Quizzes with Awesome Celebrities

With our channel, you can even closer to your favorite celebrities by watching our fun-filled quizzes and games with them! Here's an example, where Moviepilot creator Jim Galizia quizzes the cast of Kingsman: The Secret Service on how well they know their fellow cast members!

3. We Have Regular Giveaways & Contests

We're always creating new ways to reward Moviepilot creators, which can only mean one thing... Prizes! We regularly offer movie merchandise, gaming packages and many other prizes to the winners of our Moviepilot creator contests. Get ahead of the competition by being one of the first to receive our contest announcements by subscribing! You can also see our recent competitions here.

4. We Share Your Amazing Trailer Reactions

Nowadays trailer drops are a huge event, with many Moviepilot creators able to decipher key plot points on upcoming movies months ahead of release. Whether you're watching these reaction videos to spot something you missed or just to watch some super-fans freak out over an amazing trailer, you can do it all at once with our trailer reaction compilations.

5. Creative Fan Casting

As the winner of our fan casting competition, Moviepilot Creator Luis Rodriguez's inspired fan casting of 'The Killing Joke' was adapted into a video. This is an example of how we love to proudly give Moviepilot creators center stage.

6. We share your opinion!

As huge fans of the entertainment industry, it's safe to say that we all love to share our opinions with other movie fans. Here's a MP Creators video which showcases the answers we received after posing a question to the Moviepilot community: What movie do you know that is SO bad it's good?

The resulting video is a hilarious ensemble of wonderfully cheesy clips. Hopefully you love the video and can't wait to read your answers to more movie questions!

7. We Showcase Your Creative Projects!

Fan Art

Fan art is just one of the many creative outlets that Moviepilot creators have, and is one that we've celebrated through videos such as this 'Disney crossovers' video!


Cosplay and super-fandom is a match made in heaven! As huge fans of the cosplay craft, we've compiled MP creators' greatest transformations into some of the world's greatest characters!

8. Creators Interview Filmmakers & Celebrities!

Moviepilot creators get to the heart and soul of the questions fans want to know at press junkets and on the red carpet. Here's just one example of a Moviepilot creator asking Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn something that had been pondered by many a Marvel fan. Using this approach we have a great list of interviews with major stars... and don't forget, soon it could be you asking the questions!

9. We take Creators on Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunities

That is, unless we take you more than once! Just like with our contests, we love nothing more than to reward Moviepilot creators for being awesome movie fans by taking them on amazing opportunities that get them closer to the movies they love. This can be in the form of red carpet events and interviews (as mentioned previously), but also providing Creators with an experience that can allow them to enjoy movies even more! In the video above, Moviepilot creator Mark Robirds Jr takes a drive in Vin Diesel's car from Furious 7! There are loads of great examples of these experiences already on the MP Creators channel, so make sure to check them out and subscribe to see future adventures by Moviepilot Creators!

10. You Can be the Star of the Channel

Moviepilot's Creators program exists to empower movie fans by giving them a voice and getting them closer to the movie-making action. That means that, as a Moviepilot creator, this is your channel! What better reason to subscribe than the fact that one day, you can be the star attraction of our latest video?

There we have it, 10 of the many reasons why all movie fans should subscribe to the MP Creators Youtube channel! If you're convinced, simply head to the channel and subscribe and if you aren't, let us know why! We'd love to hear your feedback and hear what you want out of the MP Creators channel.


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