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Baldwin Collins

news out in the media, that hollywood star tom hanks could possibly portray real life airline pilot captain chesley burnett sullenberger, the pilot who miraculously landed his passenger plane flight 1549, in the hudson river back in january 15. 2009. After a bird strike. causing the plane's engines to fail. However the hollywood movie version is reported to be possibly directed by clint eastwood. could tom hanks really nail the real pilots character on the silver screen if gets the heroic role. ?

In my opinion. i believe he could nail it hands down. hanks decades of film and tv credits are awesome. heres my tom hanks favourites, 'saving private ryan' (1998) 'apollo 13 ' (1995) 'captain phillips' (2013) my picks more than qualifies this hollywood film legend, tom hanks is soon to be seen in a espionage film by steven speilberg titled ' bridge of spies' this year 2015. So what do you think ? could tom hanks play this part ?


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