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To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Sony's franchise, God of War 3 will be getting a HD remaster release on the PS4. It was a bit of an unusual announcement, especially considering that God of War and God of War 2 are actually better games - but I guess it was easier to update God of War 3's graphics. In any case, we'll have to wait and see how well this remaster sells considering the fact that this game really isn't all that old.

But it had me wondering about the state of the God of War franchise nowadays. These are wonderfully designed titles, there's no doubt about that whatsoever, I'm simply wondering how many people are going to fork out some cash for a God of War 3 remaster only five years after its initial launch. But this also ties into the discussion of God of War 4, and whether the franchise has the support that it once did on several Playstation systems.

God of War 4
God of War 4

God of War 4, Modern Fans & the Return of Kratos

I wonder what kind of audience Santa Monica Studios and Sony will be vying for on the inevitable release date of God of War 4 (it must be very early in development considering the fact that we didn't see Kratos at E3). Will they be gearing towards pulling back the franchise's fans with the return of Kratos, or will they be taking the brand name and moving it to a whole new location with a new protagonist?

Obviously we have no idea what Sony are planning for God of War 4 (though we sure know that we want to see Kratos massacre these deities) but if it's in-line with all other publishers out there and the renewal of other franchises - they're going to want to attract a whole new audience. If Kratos returns they'll have to expand upon what happened in the previous games and why he's survived and why exactly he'll be continuing to fight some new gods. It'd be a lot easier for Santa Monica Studio to start fresh, but Kratos is really the body of God of War.

God of War 4
God of War 4

What Will the God of War 4 Release Date Reveal?

They could get a new angry character, that's true. But in order to continue the God of War franchise, I guess we need to have Kratos. Sony risking losing a lot of fans if God of War 4 doesn't feature Kratos, though perhaps the swarm of new fans will counteract the imbalance. Basically, I'd love to know about the state of the God of War fan base.

Do you guys still love God of War and want to see God of War 4? If Kratos is absent on its release date, will this be a betrayal? How would you feel about a new protagonist for the series? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!


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