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It is not really ironic that a Communist country like Vietnam can compose something so bourgeoisie.

This set of eight Avengers were made from perfectly ordinary objects: a fountain pen, balm tin, a bottle of medicated oil, a lighter, lychee fruit, a matchbox and felt.

In the hands of 25-year-old improvisational Vietnamese artist Nguyen Quang Huy they not only become superheroes but extraordinary objects of creation.

Seeing the beauty and art in even the most ordinary of things is the sign of a great creative soul. Huy invests his creations with a wry and gentle humor. Everyone of his pieces echoes a childlike joy just in the fact of its existence.

Only a troll would quibble about the lack of Hawkeye in this group. His nonexistence is due to a probable lack of supplies than a lack of creative spark.

Also you have to ignore the obvious communist star on the body of Iron Man. The star is probably just another demand from the ruling Party Leaders put on every piece of Capitalist consumables. But then its simple existence shows a keen ability to outwit the evil villains of his country-- the super censors.

Black Widow (Made From a Black Fountain Pen)

Captain America (with is balm tin shield)

Hulk (Composed of a bottle of green medicated oil)

Iron Man (Made from a lighter)

Spider Man (His head is made from a lychee fruit)

Thor (Hammer made from a matchbox)

Wolverine (Hair made from colored felt)

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