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[Mad Max: Fury Road](tag:41445) was like a spontaneous party that, without warning, suddenly became the best night of everyone's life. The prospect of a sequel to Fury Road then feels like going home from that party saying "hey let's do it again next week!" This sudden anxiety sets in, where you doubt the possibility that anything could possibly be better than what you just experienced. Series creator, George Miller is stuck between a rock and a hard place with the prospect of the sequel, for if he didn't make it, people would not doubt start asking "where's the sequel? Fury Road was so good! OMG Transformers got sequels!"

So was Mad Max: Fury Road lightning in a bottle? No, but the shared shock in how good it was just can't be replicated once more. What are a few moves that could ensure Mad Max: The Wasteland feels like a worthy successor to Fury Road?

No more Furiosa

Charlize Theron's turn as Imperator Furiosa was one of the most pleasant surprises of Fury Road. She was a fantastic emotional core to be around, and a true revelation as a surprise protagonist. However, bringing her back for The Wasteland would diminish the anthological nature of the Mad Max series. Besides, her and Max parting ways at the end of Fury Road was integral to their characters. For Mad Max 2: Tom Hardy needs to remain a conduit for other people's stories. Teaming him up with Furiosa once more would only make the recent movies feel like a self-contained reboot. Furiosa does however symbolize the huge challenge that Mad Max 2: the Wasteland has set itself.

She filled her place perfectly!
She filled her place perfectly!

Get to Tasmania!

This is a potential storyline that the Mad Max fandom has been throwing around for a while now. It's been a joke for some time to suggest that the Apocalypse in Mad Max is one that only affected Australia, while the rest of the world carries on as normal. I would not like to be indulged the rest of the world in Mad Max 2, but the idea of Tasmania being some safe haven that all of Australia is reaching to at any cost is a cool idea. If the seas are dried up, we could see a hugely expansive chase. Though if the sea is still there, then we could be set to see Mad Max with boats, and... eww. No.


Here's a little known fact for you. Lord Humungous from The Road Warrior was initially supposed to be Goose, Max's tragically deformed best friend from the first movie. He was supposed to return as Humungous, having gone mad in the wasteland, and now acting as an antagonist. What with how porous and flexible the Mad Max mythology is anyway, Goose could always return in some form, perhaps even as a villain! Hugh Keyes-Byrne played the villain in the first Mad Max, and returned decades later to play Immortan Joe, so the possibility is open!


This! All of this!
This! All of this!

If you don't know who runs Batertown, then I'm sorry, you're not a fan. This isn't a particularly detailed point; I would simply like to see what a modern interpretation of Bartertown would look like. There's no imperative to bring back Tina Turner's character, Master Blaster or even Thunderdome. Those would all be retreading old territory. But Bartertown itself? That would be a rare form of civilization that Mad Max 2: The Wasteland could toy with!

Another leap in time

Just glancing at these movies is enough to see how bizarre and disjointed the timeline is. The first Mad Max takes place just on the cusp of the apocalypse. The Road Warrior is just after it. Thunderdome is set roughly twenty years after, and Fury Road takes place over half a century after the apocalypse, with younger characters having no idea of what the world was like before. Clearly, this series takes a cavalier approach to continuity, so as not to be bogged down with the same settings, storylines and characters.

What could Mad Max 2: The Wasteland gain from another huge jump in time? Who knows! That's the very excitement of it, to not know what kind of cultures and characters you are to encounter perhaps centuries after the apocalypse! There still need to be cars, though. I mean come on it is Mad Max!


What features would you like to see in Mad Max 2: The Wasteland?


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