ByMichelle Cromwell, writer at

The podcast I'm reviewing is the one on Bipolar Disorder. Being bipolar myself, I'm always fearful of podcasts that explain things because most of the time it turns into an 'us against them' discussion and 'how to protect yourself' or even 'how to diagnose your children before they kill you in your sleep.'

Thankfully, this podcast has a reputation for not just explaining things to 'normal people' but also explaining things better to people that may have disorders that their doctors aren't comfortable talking about. (Which sadly happens more frequently these days than in the past.)

I found the podcast informative for both laymen and sufferers of bipolar disorder. They were simple and easy to understand, but most of all, they didn't make anyone feel bad about being mentally ill. In fact, I felt better after listening to the episode.

I'm going to be honest, I put off listening to this episode for months. I wanted to listen, but the idea that I might feel bad afterwards made me feel ill.

I really regret that. What I don't regret is listening to it with my husband because he has a better idea of what things are like for me.

The Stuff You Should Know Podcast is always informative, but they address things in a naturally sensitive way that eradicates the Freak Show feel a lot of explanatory shows have.

First class podcast! Ten Stars!


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