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I wrote an article on some of the best Easter eggs from Jurassic World and there were a few that I didn't include that were just as awesome! If you saw the movie, you know that the callbacks to the original were part of what made it so fun, so here you go. Round 2. More Easter eggs from Jurassic World!

1. Chaos Theory/Butterfly Effect

I actually wrote a separate article about this specific Easter egg that I found to be really cool. If you notice at 1:18, the blood that drips onto his hand goes right... and then left. Take a look at this clip from the first film that explains the significance of that:

First time, the example is with water. This time with blood. Definitely an under-the-radar, very cool Easter egg.

2. Claire ties up her shirt

At the top of the falls, Claire ties up her shirt with the retro look, a throwback to Ellie's outfit from the first movie.

3. T-Rex at the end, the same as the first movie

The same T-Rex from the end of the first movie appears in Jurassic World, with the healed scars around its neck.

4. Lowery's glasses

You may remember these glasses from the first movie, worn by Nedry.

Well, Lowery wore them as well, a tribute to the first film.

5. I mentioned Margaritaville in the first article, but not the fact that Jimmy Buffett actually appears!

Whenever you have a movie that includes Jimmy Buffett, that movie is destined to do incredibly well. These are simple facts, people.

6. Chris Pratt's name is Owen in Jurassic World

His name, Owen, is a throwback to Vince Vaughn's character, Nick Van Owen from Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World.

7. The green button

Karen (Judy Greer) goes out of her way to tell her son Zach to push the green button that pops up on his cell phone to answer when she tries to call him. There was another significant green button from the first film.

8. Did Steven Spielberg throw in a Jaws reference?

Steven Spielberg was the Executive Producer on Jurassic World, and the Mosasaurus scene was certainly a callback of sorts to the classic Jaws. Obviously, this isn't a callback to the same franchise, but certainly to a super huge blockbuster, one that had a similar angled scene.

9. Dilophosaurus hologram

This guy returned from the first movie, this time tricking a pursuing Velociraptor.

10. Objects in mirror...

You may remember the T-Rex that appears in the side-mirror in the first film. It happens again, although this time with Raptors in Jurassic World. Pretty fun little tribute.

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