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Admit it, we all have our favourites. Movies come and go but they leave their mark on us in one way or another. Everybody knows 'that' one dude who loves action movies for the adrenaline-infused explosions or 'that' person who relishes in the fear of horror movie victims. The great thing about this industry is that it is so creative and varied that people of all kinds can enjoy something whether they have hipster or mainstream tastes. However, this diversity got me thinking; is there such a thing as 'the most popular movie genre'?

To try and answer the question, the genre would have to be generic enough that just about anyone can enjoy. An ideal example would have to be action movies, especially given that now is summer - the prime time for blockbuster hits. After all, who wouldn't want go to see the new 'Jurassic World' movie?

Currently, there is a high demand for Superheroes but this all depends on the current climate, what people are in the mood to watch and the momentum/hype behind the current fad that we can't seem to get enough of.


If you could watch only ONE genre of movie for the rest of your life what would it be?

What Kind of Moviegoer Are You? - Quiz

I did some research into this but with the ever changing market and opinions of movie goers this is pretty old and probably unreliable intel. Although, it seems to be consistent with all the other sources I looked up so who knows, it might be an accurate and definitive answer:

Does this look accurate? Anything surprise you?
Does this look accurate? Anything surprise you?

Everyone has their individual preferences, so the most popular genre must combine most of these together into something that then becomes their 'go-to' genre. Personally, I think science-fiction fits nicely into this criteria since it is such an extensive genre. If you think about it, a lot of movie pitch concepts can be applied here because in order to draw in an audience you need to get them interested and invested in the (fictional) world created. Science-fiction allows for creative and imaginative thinking more than other genres. I'm not saying that others like rom-coms are destined to fail because it is limited compared to sci-fi - if 'Iron Man' was reworked as a rom-com it would be a good story about Tony Stark developing as a person and eventually getting together with Pepper Potts. Yeah sure that's a good movie in its own rights... but I want to also see the genius billionaire side working on and flying his awesome suit of armour.

That leads onto my next point - sub-genres. How can there be a 'most popular genre' if movies are basically hybrids of multiple genres you ask? Well you got me there. I suppose what they do is combine the best of both worlds (or more) and make it an all-rounded movie taking the best aspects of multiple genres.

So really there might not be one straight answer, even though there are some really obvious contenders for best genre. Times are always changing and opinions sway with it. Though, you might disagree with this, your guess is as good as mine. Tell me if you think there is a definitive answer, whether the line is blurred or if there's no answer at all - You be the judge.


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