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Even if it isn't your thing now, who wasn't into sparkling sexy vampires at least for a little while? The Twilight series satisfied our craving for a slightly cheesy vampire love story, and there is nothing wrong with some cheese every so often.

Except I'm lactose intolerant. But that's what vegan cheese is for!

Anyway, the cast of Twilight looked like they enjoyed their time on set as much as we loved watching the films. And these behind-the-scene photos prove it. So much food, so much laughter, and mucho mucho love.

1. It Started With

Pattinson and Stewart look like absolute babies here! So fresh-faced, and so excitement for the first film of the series.

2. Love Boat

Who doesn't have fun on a boat? With the sea breeze in your hair and flecks of water lightly splashing your face as you bounce through the waves? Their faces just say it all.

3. Breaking into Song

Something tells me Jackson Rathbone, who played the character Jasper, was just breaking into song and busting out those jazz hands. I, too, am guilty for doing this more often than should be legal.

4. Sunshine Smiles

While it's true that vampires don't do so well in the sun, Robert Pattinson is all smiles as he walks in some warm sunlight. Notice the water bottle took keep him hydrated? What a smart man.

5. Creepy Puppet Time

While most would feel incredibly uncomfortable with a life-sized puppet, K Stew seems pretty stoked on the fact that she gets to hang with the creepy version of herself.

She isn't afraid it's going to come to life and haunt her? Just me? Okay then.

6. Strike a Pose

Rathbone shows us how to be a terrifying vampire. I'm definitely shaking...of laughter.

7. Pumping Iron

You might not be able to tell, but his muscles are smiling. Look at that concentration. He makes working (something I haven't done in a month) look really fun.

8. Food

That looks like a chocolate covered ice bream bar. Good choice, Rob. It looks delicious.

9. Food...

I wonder what scrumptious treats Taylor Lautner has stocked up on. I'm sure there's plenty of protein (I mean, have you seen those muscles?)

10. And More Food!

Excuse the blurry image, but this was taken during Kristen's 18th birthday on set. Just look at the sheer size of that cake.

I'm a fan of anyone who appreciates food as much as I do. Which is a lot.

11. Real Love

Those grins are genuine! This transports me to a time where Pattinson and Stewart were dating on screen and off screen.

12. Pre-CGI

It may look strange that Kristen Stewart is petting Lautner's head while he is wearing a body suit. But she isn't even breaking character. I personally wouldn't have been able to contain my laughter.

13. Badass Motorcycle Babe

Kristen is screaming with excitement on the inside, but she's practicing her mean mug face while riding on this motorcycle. How does she keep her cool?

The smiles, the laughter, the cheer. After 4 years of filming together, there is no way this lovely group of actors aren't considered a family.

Thank you, Twilight, for being apart of our family for those unbelievable years too.

[Source: E Online]


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