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Is it just me, or are kids just really creepy sometimes? Between urban legends of ghostly imaginary friends and real-life horror stories involving cult villains like Slender Man commanding murderous preteen girls, it seems as though Hollywood has now embraced the true terror of tiny humans.

When Sinister first released in 2012, audiences were shown the true horror of children without emotions; supernatural spirits in various forms of decay, with cherubic faces, a thirst for blood, and no remorse at all. The latest teaser clip for Sinister 2 ups the ante, forcing the viewer into a terrified father's point of view as he's seemingly hunted and slaughtered by nine-year-old children. Talk about a terrible Father's Day present.

Check the clip out below:

Mischievous, smiling, haunting young faces look down on the viewer and show us just how horrifying they can be. In less than 15 seconds, we're struck down by these little demons. While the clip doesn't give us an overall look at the film (thankfully keeping the best moments for its premiere) it does remind us that Blumhouse's signature style of horror is unpredictable and perfectly misleading until that final, murderous moment.

Sinister 2 hits theaters on August 21st.


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