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Ian Knight

Honestly I have to disagree with some of moviepilot's matchup winners. While on an intellectual level Batman is better than Captain America, you have to take into account Cap's strength, augmentations, and shield (which we all know is made of adamantium, or in the movie universe, vibranium). In an all out fight I have to give the edge to Cap. He's faster, stronger, and has taken on some pretty serious and guys, like hundreds of robots, an augmented supersoldier and made short work of highly trained soldiers. Batman is mainly used to fighting petty criminals and a psycho with a bright red nose. With Iron Man and Green Lantern I have to give it to GL. Yeah, Tony has a genius intellect and supersuit, but GL has cosmic power directly linked to his will. The stronger his will, the stronger his power. Tony has some very expensive AA batteries in a suit (no hate on him). And besides, GL puts an orb around iron man and what can he do? Thor can drop some lighting bolt power on our waterlogged hero and kick back with aqua fillet, so I don't think he stands a huge chance against Thor. I am not too sure about black widow and black canary because of its the old black canary (league of assassin's trained) or new, took lessons from a boxer, then I don't know. New, black widow hands down. Old, it would be a close call but I still have to give it to black widow. That's all for now though, hope y'all like!


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