ByBrad Dee, writer at

Last month, Cullen Bunn delivered to us an issue that many expected to be a total mess. What if Deadpool was involved in the original Secret Wars? Well, this wasn't a "What if" story though. He was stating that he was actually there and we just didn't see him or know he was there because of other things going on at the time. We went in with low expectations. We walked out laughing our butts off at the absurdity that took place. But, can he do it again with a second issue of the comic? In one word.....yes.

This month, Deadpool takes us on a journey through the world of Secret wars that again shows us what he was doing in that world, and why we never saw him. Last month, he was behind a rock or standing behind the Thing. This month, he was in a different room, or we were mindwiped by Professor X so we didn't remember that part of the story. Whatever the case, Bunn again shows us an old familiar world with some wisecracks thrown in for good measure. The only problem with this issue is the way that it was set-up. In the first issue, it was chronological. We had the first few issues of the comic event thrown in.But this issue is all over the place. We have events from at least 4 different parts of that comic series, and none of them were in order. It seemed out of place, but it was still a fun read. In a way, it worked because it was Deadpool telling the story. Again if you were a fan of the original series, this comic will make you smile at the dialogue and art styles/sets/designs from the classic. But, As such, the uninitiated will likely be left scratching their heads through much of the narrative as it ducks, dips and dodges from one time to the next. I give this issue a 8 out of 10, and can't wait to see next month when Deadpool screws over Spider-man in regards to the black costume.


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