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2015 seems to be the year of reboots, remakes, and long-anticipated sequels, and since the moment Jurassic World was announced there has been major excitement for the film. The real question is: did Jurassic World live up to expectations? Suprisingly, Jurassic World has brought alot of mixed opinions among both fans and critics. So how about we go through the movie itself (without spoilers, of course) before we decide to label the movie as either good or "kill it with fire."

Jurassic World is about the reboot of the the old "Jurassic Park" as an attraction for families to come see dinosaurs revived utilising the same DNA splicing techniques used in the old parks. However, differing from the original film, the parks are actually open to the public already, and is a functioning theme park. After the company owners decide it's time to increase business, the labs decide to engineer a new creation.

Now since this is a movie from the Jurassic franchise we all know that two things are going happen.

1. Dinosaurs are going break out and cause the inevitable death of several people

2. T-rex is gonna get mentioned at least once (I still think Spinosaurous should've lost that fight, see Jurassic World 3)

After chaos breaks lose on the island, it becomes a game of cat and mouse (although it seems the role of cat and/or mouse is changing every 10 minutes) between humans and the newest dinosaur. Putting it in simple terms: theme park becomes war zone.

Let me be the next in line to say the concept is absolutely genious, and the execution isn't half bad. In fact, i'd say the story writing is the best part of the movie. What bothers me as well as other movie critics is the "everything else" pile, where this movie feels like it's lacking.

One of the biggest problems I have with movies today (and trust me when I say this is no exception) is that the previews and trailers always show too much in the sense of I could literally tell you the plot of the movie just by watching a movie trailer. The trailers thankfully don't show all the movie's best moments, but just by watching the trailer you can pretty much predict the sequence of events as you watch the film.

That doesn't mean this movie doesn't have any viewing value, because there are moments here and there that catch you off guard. So applause to storywriters for including those moments.

Meanwhile, many critics claim that the biggest offence to Jurassic World is the acting. I'm not about to say the acting in this movie was terrible, because at that point i'm lying to you. However, I will say that different parts are executed better than others. Some characters are missing the depth and development of other people, but part of me wants to think that's on the director. Almost as if the actors tried to make the most out of nothing and actually gave us something, but that "something" wasn't as deep or creative as other characters.

Speaking of characters, I probably enjoyed Jake Johnson's character the most. There are a couple of spots where comedic elements are scattered among different character's, but I feel like I owe a special thank you to Jake (character's name is Lowery) for being a nice breath of fresh air. Easily the biggest source of comedy throughout the film, and trust me when I say that it was a much needed part.

If only the creators could place the music as well as their jokes.

Which leads me to my first of two main complaints about this movie: The music placement was executed HORRIBLY.

The biggest example of this is the placement of the Jurassic theme. Now, I promise i'm not going to spoil anything, but just in case anybody wants to experience dissapoint for themselves, just go ahead and ignore the "spoiler" (which isn't a spoiler)

The placement of the main theme has been a crucial element for every installment for the franchise. It's a marker for a moment that holds that "wow" factor that most other franchises function without. When the main theme plays, you know you're going to see something spectacular. That is, until we get to good old Jurassic World. I'm sorry, but humans and architecture don't hold as much of an awe-inspiring factor as dinosaurs. But inserting it into an incorrect spot is only a minor offense compared to the amount of oppurtunities in the film where simpily adding the theme would make it a truly iconic moment, and the oppurtunity wasn't taken. It truly starts to mess with your immersion and nastalgia while watching the movie as soon as you start to notice it.

Which leads me to my second pet peeve about this movie: it's missing a Jurassic moment.

Some of the most iconic moments from movie history come from the Jurassic franchise. Every movie in the series contains a sort of "wow" factor to it, and it's those moments that give you goose bumps every time you watch it that I like to call Jurassic moments. There are times where the film does give you goose bumps, but not in a way you expect from a Jurassic movie. This may work in other cases, but this is a series defined by those moments, and when it's misssing it's borderlining dissapointment.

To sum everything up, Jurassic World tries to be almost a horror-like experience without being a horror movie. The concept is great and well executed, but isn't as well composed as it's predecessors. There are memorable moments, but not memorable in the way you expect a Jurassic movie to be.

Needless to say, Jurassic World is nevertheless a memorable experience that may not be perfect, but is still enjoyable.

What did you think of Jurassic World? Let us know you're opinions! And as always have a fantastic day (preferably without getting eaten by dinosaurs).


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