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If I've said it once, I've said it a million times: Game of Thrones is simply an amazing and unforgettable show. The show stirs up a plethora of emotions through us all at once, like pity for poor Theon, or excitement when Dany meets Tyrion, but the most potent emotion that we feel in this show is hatred. We have hated Ramsay Bolton, we have hated Viserys Targaryen, and we have hated Cersei Lannister.

While the amazing Adonis Gonzalez might try and convince you that Ramsay is the most hated of them all, I thoroughly disagree. After five seasons of the show, no character has inspired such hatred as the former King of Westeros, Joffrey Baratheon.

Just about as evil as it gets.
Just about as evil as it gets.

We were first introduced to Joffrey back in the pilot episode of the show, Winter Is Coming, when he rode to Winterfell alongside his father, King Robert Baratheon. At the time, he was only a simple prince with bright blonde hair and a sly smirk on his face. We could tell from the moment we saw him that he wasn't going to be the hero of the story.

Through the four seasons that we saw Joffrey on-screen, let's take a look at just a few of his misdeeds shall we?

The Poor Butcher's Boy

Back in the early episodes of Season 1, when King Robert and Lord Eddard Stark were on their way to King's Landing, young Arya Stark was playing with her friend Mycah, the butcher's boy. After Joffrey bullied Mycah and Arya and her direwolf came to his aid, the direwolf bit Joffrey.

Even though the wound wasn't severe in any way, he instantly ran back to his parents and told them that he was attacked, which is a lie in itself. However, his persistent lie resulted in the execution of both the butcher's boy and of Sansa's direwolf since they couldn't find Arya's.

An Insult to a Country

Doubtlessly the most shocking moment in the first season of Game of Thrones was the very moment where viewer's loathing turned into pure hatred towards the character. It was the moment where the newly crowned King Joffrey uttered those four miserable words that turned all of Westeros against him:

Those four words ended the life of Lord Eddard Stark, the closest thing the series had to a main protagonist. His order went against his mother, all of his advisers, and the entire kingdom that he was put in charge of. Not to mention it really angered a lot of fans of the show that weren't all too familiar with the book series.

If the Ned beheading wasn't enough, let's talk about how he took his intended bride, Sansa Stark, Ned's eldest daughter, to see her father's head put upon a spike. He made her stare at it as he promised to do the same with her brother's once he was defeated.

In fact, once Sansa's brother Robb was defeated, Joffrey was all too happy about it. He announced that he intended to have Robb's head served to Sansa on her wedding night. If that isn't majorly messed up, I don't know what is. Luckily for us his grandfather Tywin instantly shot down Joffrey's idea. At least one of the Lannisters had some sense at the moment.

A Not-So-Valiant Effort

During the Battle of Blackwater Bay, Joffrey insisted that he participate in the battle to inspire courage in his troops. However, in true Joffrey style, he contributed in no way to the actual battle. He merely stood back as his uncle Tyrion fought alongside many men to scare off Stannis' forces, yet Joffrey ended up taking all the credit (he is the King after all).

After the battle, Joffrey held his head high, announcing to the world that he broke Stannis, that he alone was responsible for the victory at King's Landing. In reality however, Joffrey would have had his head on Stannis' spike if his grandfather Tywin hadn't shown up to save the day.

A Family Quarrel

If there is one character that every Game of Thrones fan loves it's Tyrion Lannister. Even George R.R. Martin has gone out to say that Tyrion is his favorite character, and who (aside from Tywin) mistreats Tyrion the most? Joffrey of course.

There are many instances where the childish King humiliated his uncle in the show, but two of those times really stand out to me. The first of which is Tyrion's wedding to Sansa. Tyrion is a dwarf after all, so he needed a stool in order to be able to reach to Sansa's height and cloak her. Naturally, after Joffrey walked Sansa down the aisle, he took away the stool, so that Tyrion had to stand there humiliated as he struggled to try and cloak his new bride.

The second time was yet another wedding, Joffrey's own in fact. Before that classic Purple Wedding scene, Joffrey brought out a group of dwarves that he dressed in silly outfits and humiliated by making them run around simulating the War of Five Kings. You can see the pure pain on Tyrion's face during the whole ordeal, which sets up nicely for the fatal events to follow.

An Unopposed Reign

Yes, he is responsible for the death of Ned Stark, and yes, all the things he did to Sansa were terrible, but the cream of the crop for me was in the first season when Joffrey ordered for the death of all of Robert Baratheon's bastard children, so that he would never have the chance of someone questioning his reign as king. As long as Robert had no other heir, Joffrey would rule unopposed right?

Even if his logic is somewhat sound, the execution of his order was mortifying. There are a few scenes in Game of Thrones that make me sick, and one of the ones near the top of the list is when the guards stride into Littlefinger's brothel and kill a little baby. A baby, just because Robert was the baby's father. While Joffrey did not directly deal the killing blow, he ordered the child's death, as well as the death of countless other infants and children. Not cool man, not cool.

Those aren't the only times that we've hated Joffrey. How about the time where he tried to drown a man to death with wine? How about the time he strung up and killed Ros? How about the lack of sympathy he showed when Bran was pushed out the window? The list goes on and on, but there is one thing we can all agree on:

We all hate Joffrey.

Do you want to read the other side of the story? You can check out my fellow awesome creator Adonis Gonzalez with his rebuttal here: Ramsay vs. Joffrey: Why Ramsay Bolton Is the Most Hated Character in Game of Thrones!


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