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Ellora Balmaceda

As we all know, Disney has been blessing us with a boatload of live-action takes on our favorite classic stories, from Maleficent to the upcoming Beauty and the Beast. And I'm sure you've all heard that The Jungle Book is also in the works and even rumors of a Tinker Belle film in the future. It truly is an exciting time for all us Disney fans.

However, I would like to focus on one Disney story in particular: Mulan. Mulan is arguably the most bad-ass "princess" we've ever gotten and I hope to one day see her in a live-action film. And here's who I would love to see play some of our beloved characters:

Mulan: Arden Cho

Arden Cho is not only a lovely actress, but she's also a singer, so those musical numbers would be no problem for her. She also has plenty of practice wielding a sword due to her role as Kira in MTV's Teen Wolf, which is really what seals the deal for me.

Li Shang: Yoshua Sudarso

Yoshua is both an actor and a stuntman, which means he's have no trouble performing any of the training/fighting sequences that his character would have to perform. Besides, just look at him, he IS Li Shang.

Chi-Fu: Ken Jeong

Probably best known for his role as Mr. Chow in the Hangover trilogy, Ken Jeong would be absolutely perfect as Chi-Fu, the order loving Emperor's advisor. Chi-Fu is one of the funnier characters in mulan, who's ridiculous nature makes it hard for both the audience as well as the other characters to take him seriously as someone who should be respected. With some good make-up, I think Jeong would kill this role.

Mushu: Eddie Murphy

Since Mushu would obviously be CGI, I'd like to see Eddie Murphy return to the role, as I cannot imagine anyone could possibly do it better.

Shan Yu: Daniel Dae Kim

I'm going to be perfectly honest, I've never actually seen any of his work (at least not that I can immediately recall), but after scrolling through his IMDb page, I can see he has quite the resume. I'm choosing him based off of his physical appearance and how he looks like he can play a bad guy.

Well that's all I've got for now. Feel free to agree or disagree with my choices!


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