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Well the weekend is here yet again. Some might have plans others may not. Either way, take a little time to decompress and catch up on some awesome shows.

Here are just a few staff picks:


The Mindy Project (seasons 1-3 Hulu Plus)

Parks and Recreations (seasons 1-6 Netflix)


The Fall (seasons 1-2 Netflix)

Arrow (seasons 1-2 Netflix)


Doctor Who (Series 1-7 Netflix & Hulu Plus)

Fringe (seasons 1-5 Netflix)


Chef (Netflix, you will be very hungry after so don't fill up on popcorn)

The Blues Brothers (Netflix)

Jiro Dreams of Sushi (Netflix, also be prepared to want some sushi afterwards)

And if your week has just been the worst. I recommend The Naked Gun or Coming to America both on Netflix. You’ll feel better in no time, but don't forget the ice cream :)


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