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So earlier this week, I go to pre-order the new Batman game, Batman Arkham Knight. So the guy asks for my Id, this I found to be odd, because they usually only ask for your Id if you buy an M rated game, and Batman is not an M rated franchise. Then I thought "Oh, he must be asking for my Id because I am pre-ordering it. This is probably for security reason's, maybe to show I am really who I say I am or something."

So I jokingly say, "this is a T rated game, right?" as I'm laughing to myself about this, imagining how ridiculous it would be for Batman to be rated M for mature.

then the checkout guy says "no, it's going to be rated M."

At this moment my jaw dropped, and I thought, "are you serious!?!?"

Now don't get me wrong, I have no problem with M rated games, Just look at my favorite game The Last Of Us.

The Last Of Us, is an incredibly dark, violent, and brutal. It is full of people getting their heads blown off, and their guts ripped, or getting their throats ripped out by a zombie, it is also chalk full of profanity, and I love it. But all that stuff fits a zombie game, as the zombie genre kind of requires an M or an R rating.

But Batman? and the super hero genre?

That just doesn't seem right to me. I mean, It's Batman for crying out loud! It's not the Punisher or Deadpool, it's Batman.

Yeah Batman is kind of violent, and really dark. But he's no Punisher or Deadpool. And yeah the franchise has it's dark moments, but it's not like The Last Of Us or something, it's a super hero game. One of the biggest things about Batman is that he doesn't kill people.

But who knows! Maybe, hopefully, all the blood and violence, will fit into the world of arkham Knight perfectly, and it just wouldn't be the same game without it. If the blood and violence are necessary to the story, by all means put it in. as weird as it may be to have an M rated Batman game, I also don't think they should dumb down the violence just to get a wider audience like Lego Jurassic world does.

Weather it's rated M or T, the game still looks amazing, and I am really excited to play it.

And hay, maybe with this M rating we'd get to see Harley Quinn get naked.

Though I would have expected the next Uncharted to be rated M before Batman would, at least Nathan Drake actually kills the bad guys, and uses guns.

What do you guys think, does an M rated Batman game seem like a good Idea. Or does the M rating seem a little off.

Let me know in the comments.


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