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Alright stick with me I'm trying something new. Do you ever feel like Hollywood is taking a crap all over your beloved franchises and films? That they just can't get it right like they used to? Or maybe just that you have better ideas than everyone else? Well I do, and for me, these frustrations start with Indiana Jones. So, if Disney feels the need to squeeze every cent they can out of every property they have, I feel the need to help straighten things out. So I challenged myself to write a story worth tagging the Indiana Jones name onto and worth spending $15 in the theater to see. A few intense nights later I was left with this, a story outline i think is at least worth sharing. Here it is, the Indiana Jones sequel I would've written.

New York City, 1943. Indiana Jones reluctantly attends a Chinese New Year celebration at the Natural History Museum, to which he is a guest of honor. After defeating an attempt at wooing him into conversation by the lovely museum curator Helena McIntyre, Indiana visits the bar. Here he encounters another eager conversationalist, Agent Miles Colby, except this time it’s more urgent.

In the middle of Indiana’s attempts to shrug Miles off, gunshots filled the room. A squadron of soldiers enter the room, each donning a white patch with a red circle: Japanese. Miles forces Indiana further into the museum as the soldiers chase after them. They reach locked doors, cornered into a gunfight until the doors open with Helena holding a chain of keys. She now accompanies them in their escape. She guides them through the museum, dodging into the ancient Greece exhibit

After some maneuvering through columns to avoid the onslaught of bullets, they escape out the back into a snowy Central Park.

More soldiers outside the museum spot them. Miles leads them to a floatplane on the Central Park lake. The only problem is that they need to cross over the frozen edges to get to the plane in the middle. The soldiers follow them onto the ice and it begins to break apart. But alas, they manage to get onto the plane and escape.

Once safe, Miles explains to Indiana and Helena the situation: an ancient tomb has been revealed by a battle for the island of Palau. Inside the tomb, hints toward the location of the powerful Cintamani stone, a stone capable of controlling others, resurrection, and winning wars. The island was won back by the Japanese before the Americans could get anyone to the site, but the language inside was identified as Arthahina, a dead language known only to Indiana and a recently deceased colleague. A recent push by the American Navy has freed up the island and they need Indiana to get in to decipher the meaning of the writing and help find the powerful stone before the Japanese. Indiana accepts this mission for his colleague that was killed over the stone.

They fly deep into the Pacific and land on the USS Intrepid, captained by Thomas Sprague, a man who could care less about this expedition and more about the lives they are risking for it. Indiana and Helena travel to the island, escorted by the marines who had discovered the site. They land on the lush island of Palau and are led to the tomb.

They reach the site and Indiana and Helena go in alone.

Here they encounter pendulum based booby traps, but they are easily thwarted and avoided.

They advance into the final chamber, with a sarcophagus in the middle. Indiana reads the inscriptions on the wall which tell him that a piece of the Cintamani stone had been passed down through history from Alexander the great to Genghis Khan and eventually to the person buried in the tomb - Kublai Khan. Kublai Khan is shown being lowered to his grave holding a shard of the stone. Indiana also discovers a riddle on the walls which describes the way to Shambhala, the city housing the Cintamani stone. “Follow the female yak to the footprint of gods to climb the stairway up to the heavens and through the serpent’s trail.” Indiana has no idea what it means, and turns his attention to the sarcophagus. They open the sarcophagus up to find a perfectly preserved Kublai Khan.

In his hands are nothing. Indiana’s radio comes alive at this very moment, the USS Intrepid tells them that stealth bombers have been spotted and they are under attack. The whole cavern begins shaking under the explosions from bombs above. Indiana and Helena race out, only to be blocked by a cave in. Indiana radios to Miles on the Intrepid and tells him the translation of the riddle, which the Japanese intercept. Miles says there’s nothing they can do and they must retreat, leaving the two for dead.

Suddenly a clearing in the rocks is created when something from behind pushes rock out of the way. The two scamper out to find it was the swinging pendulums, activated by the vicious bombs above. They first run through a section Indiana had secured earlier but at the drop of another bomb that pendulum is activated and they must dance between what’s essentially swinging swords. After dodging and tumbling, they make it out to find the marines gone and the Intrepid departing in the distance. They rush to the shore, running into Japanese soldiers along the way.

They run in the other direction, dodging fire, until they make it back to their transport. They push off into the water.

Here planes swoop down, firing and dropping bombs at the transport as they race through the water. Indiana has Helena man a machine gun and shoot at planes. Miraculously the Intrepid stops and they make in on board.

When on board, Indiana is brought to the bridge where he learns the Intrepid is surrounded and the only way to save everyone is to give himself up to the leader of the Japanese, General Iwao. Indiana obliges and is taken to the Japanese ship Taiho, but not before telling Miles and Helena a plan.

Aboard the Taiho, Iwao reveals to Indiana the piece of the Cintamani stone they recovered at the site, and demonstrates its healing powers in front of him by cutting himself and having it heal immediately. Next Iwao talks about the call of the stone, how it can exert power over man and make them doing crazy things for what the stone promises. Iwao binds Indiana's hands, telling him once it calls no man can resist. Then he tries to use its power to control others on Indiana but he’s interrupted by a man calling him to the bridge.

Iwao takes Indiana to the bridge. Along the way Indiana manages to escape onto the deck. He jumps off the side of the ship, onto a floatplane piloted by Miles below. They fly off, only to be chased by Japanese planes. Indiana clutches to the wing of the plane, eventually needing to use his whip to hang on.

Indiana manages to board the plane as the fight is taken into the steep islands of Palau. Here a maze of twists and turns eliminates enemy planes, and finally the floatplane lands and loses the remaining planes.

Here they hide out and try to understand the clues. Indiana remembers than the Tibetans call the Yangtze river a translation of “female yak” and they go from there. Helena expresses her desire to learn Arthahina and Indiana teaches her. They fly to China, followed by the Japanese, and go up the Yangtze until they reach a split in the river.

They take a break here to try to understand what the “footprint of a god” would mean. Miles scares Indiana into the river after finding a snake, but soon Indiana returns to the shore. When Indiana observes his wet footprints filled with water, he understands next clue.

He asks for and elevation map and follows one of the rivers feeding into the Yangtze to a lake. Here he circles the areas around the lake at a certain elevation, and the image of a footprint takes shape. Indiana figures it must’ve looked like a foot back in the day but modern dams and irrigation probably drained the lake.

They fly to the lake to search for more hints. Here Helena climbs a foothill and spots in the distance mountains lined up perfectly like a staircase, a stairway up to the heavens. They jump back in the plane. Indiana plots out what mountains they are, and finds that the last and tallest of them is Mt. Everest. He makes Miles stop in Kathmandu to refuel and get mountain climbing gear.

While at market, the Japanese raid their plane, find out where they are going, launch an expedition and attempt to kill Indiana. A chase through Kathmandu ensues, including a tank driving through the streets obliterating all in its path and a race up a temple only to have it collapse as a result of said tank’s obliteration.

Nonetheless, Indiana makes it out alive and meets Helena and Miles back at the airstrip, who have already discovered their ransacked plane. Japanese soldiers and tanks are hot on Indiana’s tale and they quickly take off to get away. A Japanese soldier was left on the plane to kill Indiana but Indiana simply pushes him out of the plane.

They begin their journey to Mt. Everest and once they get close, they are shot down by Japanese forces already organized and established. They crash land but survive.

Better yet, in the distance they can see the “serpent’s trail” or a deep crevice in the mountain which imitates the path a snake would travel. They follow this path until they reach a wall of snow.

A gunshot behind them causes the snow to collapse and reveals a doorway carved into the rock. The gunshot comes from none other than Iwao, who forces Indiana to help him open the doors by threatening to kill Helena and Miles. Indiana reads the inscription above the doors which reads: “only with the power of kings shall you enter”. After some thinking, Indiana realizes that means the slice of the stone Iwao already has in possession. Like a key, Iwao uses the stone to open the doors at the loss of the small piece of stone.

They enter the doorway and after walking through some tunnels find themselves in Shambhala, a massive city carved into the interior of Mt. Everest. Iwao takes Indiana and no one else to the temple at the center of the city. Here he finds the actual Cintamani stone. He breaks it out of its holdings and shoots Indiana. The removal of the stone causes a collapse and Iwao rushes out.

Helena and Miles escape from the soldiers and rush to Indiana, who is dying. Before he does, he tells Helena to get the stone from the doorway. She rushes back out of the city and uncovers another inscription at the base of the doors previously covered by snow. She reads it and the small sliver of stone lands in front of her.

She races back to Indiana to find him dead in the arms of Miles. She uses the stone on him and revives him, healing the bullet wound and leaving a unique scar in its place.

They rush out of the collapsing city. Indiana takes the shard and puts it were the full stone used to be, slowing the collapse. They rush out, directly ahead of the collapse, until they escape. A blizzard is going on outside. They rush through the snow, following the footprints of the Japanese back to where they had landed all their planes.

They hijack the last plane and take off with the rest of the Japanese. They receive the coordinates the Japanese are flying to, somewhere over the Indian Ocean, and relay these coordinates to the USS Intrepid.

Once the planes are over the ocean, Indiana has Miles take their plane in right next to Iwao’s plane; a massive bomber.

Indiana lashes his whip around his plane’s wing and swings to Iwao’s plane. From there he fights to climb inside the plane. Once inside, he manages to defeat all the basic soldiers. Next is the hulking soldier, who comes from the bomb loading dock and carries Indiana back. Here there’s a big gap leading directly to the ocean below. He tries to drop Indiana down it but Indiana manages to break free.

They fight in this area, dodging the gap and staying away from the active bombs. Finally, when Indiana is about to lose, he clamps the soldier’s massive bicep into a bomb loading bay. A bomb drops to the floor tip first, activating it, and Indiana runs out to avoid the blast, leaving the man to incineration.

Indiana runs out to find Iwao holding a gun and the stone. The bomb goes off and the plane begins plummeting. Indiana and Iwao fight each other through the minimal gravity, Indiana trying to escape, Iwao trying to kill him. Iwao reveals a scar on his forehead equally unique to the one Indiana now has on his chest.

Iwao loses grip of the stone and tries to find it. Indiana grabs a parachute and tries to save Iwao, but the call of the stone forces Iwao to stay, he must have it. Indiana escapes seconds before the plane crashes into the water and explodes, killing Iwao.

Indiana is rescued by the USS Intrepid and the adventure is over. Cut to Indiana in a limo driving through New York City. Government agents question Indiana about the events surrounding the stone. Miles is present but silent. Finally the limo stops and Indiana jumps out to meet Helena at the museum.

We are left with Miles asking the agents about the stone, with one telling him it might be better off lost than in the wrong hands. Image dissolves to the Cintamani stone slowly sinking deeper into the Indian Ocean. It finally hits the bottom and it instantly covered in dirt, hiding it. THE END.

So what do you think? Is it film worthy? Could you do better? Did you actually read it all? Any changes you'd make? Was that the dumbest thing you've ever read? Let me know in the comments!


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