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"It's a hard knock life for us."

I remember being a little girl, pretending to scrub the floor in my room, while singing this song at the top of my lungs (sorry for that, Mom). I thought there was no girl more badass than little orphan Annie, with her curly red hair and feisty personality.

It's insane to thing that it's been over two decades since Annie assured us that "the sun will come out tomorrow," and we are all wondering what the little orphans are up to know. Let's take a look!

Aileen Quinn (Annie)

After Annie, this adorable redhead provided her voice for The Wizard of Oz and The Charmkins. She also appeared on The Frog Prince, 30, and Multiple Sarcasms.

This chick has kept up with her singing skills, as she's the lead singer of the LA-based rockabilly group called Leapin' Lizards. You can also find her in the TV series called The Comeback Kids, which follows two men who used to be child stars and are trying to get back into the Hollywood game.

Toni Ann Gisondi (Molly)

Following Annie, this runty cutie pie acted in a TV short called The Children's Story, but nothing more past that.

Gisondi has two daughters, and even named one of them Molly. She is a substitute teacher and will occasionally sing at weddings. I'm so glad to hear she is still using that gorgeous voice of hers!

Rosanne Sorrentino (Pepper)

Sorrentino didn't remain in the acting world. However, before she was casted in the film, Sorrentino was first a theater actress.

If you check out the documentary Life After Tomorrow, you can find her there. She now has two daughters and teaches computer classes at a middle school.

Lara Berk (Tessie)

Berk followed Annie with Young People's Specials and Preppies, but she didn't continue with the Hollywood life after that.

She is now married with two children and works as a legal recruiter.

April Lerman (Kate)

Lerman went on to act for another ten years in productions such as Charles in Charge, Growing Pains, Kate & Allie, The Marshall Chronicles, and Rock and Roll Fantasy to mention a few.

She went on to get a law degree at Pepperdine and was even admitted to the California Bar, but she never practiced. Lerman is married with one son and works as a child psychologist.

Robin Ignico (Duffy)

Ignico also worked well into the late '80s. Her credits include Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Trapper John, M.D., Matt Houston, The Woman in Red, News at Eleven, and Brothers.

This cutie who played Duffy then quit acting and currently works as a Tenant Relations Manager.

Tim Curry (Rooster Hannigan)

Curry may not have played a little orphan girl, obviously, but he's the one and only Tim Curry, so I had to give him an honorable mention.

Curry has appeared in countless films and TV shows, as well lent his voice for what feels like an infinite amount of animated shows and films. Some of these credits include The Hunt for Red October, It, Batman: The Animated Series, Roseanne, Muppet Treasure Island, A Christmas Carol, and The Wild Thornberrys.

Although Tim Curry suffered from a stroke in 2012, he's not letting it slow him down. He has kept his spirits up and has been working hard at physical therapy.

The most important thing these poor orphans taught us was to keep our heads held high for a better tomorrow, even when everything seemed so down in the dumps.

They also taught us that if we screamed the lyrics to these songs, we were basically musical theater performers. At least, that's what I kept telling myself as a kid.

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