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It doesn't matter if it's an older couple enjoying each other's sweet presence, or if it's a superhero family fighting for the good of others, or even if it's two monsters in the same scare business; Pixar makes the best animated films of any animation company.

Their newest movie, Inside Out, has just released into theaters. It is an emotional roller-coaster that has been said to be the king of Pixar movies. It'll make you cry and laugh, sob and cheer.

In honor of Inside Out and Pixar, I've ranked all the Pixar movies from the best to the worst (which are still pretty darn amazing, I'll say).

15. Cars 2

When it comes to Pixar movies, Cars 2 was a misstep. No, it wasn't a bad movie. It just wasn't a great Pixar movie. It had exciting action and some funny scenes and lines, but even those seemed a little forced. Cars 2 is definitely the runt of the Pixar litter.

14. Cars

Cars is in the same boat as Cars 2. It was an OK film, but nothing more. Granted we probably would enjoy it more now that Cars 2 was made, the story never held up to Pixar films. The characters were pretty flat and it just wasn't that funny. It's almost like Pixar's motor stalled during this movie.

13. Monsters University

Monsters University was kind of a misfire. It was a pretty entertaining movie, but it doesn't hold up to the standards of it's predecessor, Monsters Inc. Although it was strong story-wise as a prequel to Monsters Inc., the idea of college didn't shine as much as the kid friendly themes of Monsters Inc. There's far more to love about Monsters Inc. then Monsters University.

12. A Bug's Life

A Bug's Life is wildly entertaining and funny. It has rich kid-centered themes and jokes even parents will enjoy. The problem is that it's just a smart, funny animation. It's fallen behind in the Pixar races because it's just a great story in the midst of bigger, better stories! When you have movies like Toy Story and Finding Nemo vying for a spot too, then A Bug's Life gets pushed to the side.

11. Brave

Brave was a funny, wild movie. I loved it because it was the first Pixar film to feature a girl and to be mildly dark and action driven. Its attempt at a feminist undertone didn't really work out so well, and its story was a little lack-luster. Aside from these kinks, Brave turned out to be one of the better Pixar movies.

10. Ratatouille

This is where it starts getting hard. The Pixar films start getting to the legendary status here, so ranking them will be a challenge. Ratatouille was one the major Pixar films to blow me away. It was so inventive and artistic. It turned a disgusting animal into the greatest hero! It was funny and quotable, and also action packed. What is not to love about this movie?

9. Toy Story 2

The gang is back! Toy Story 2 took Pixar's greatest animated movie and made a worthy sequel with our favorite group of toys. It doesn't matter if it's fat Al squawking like a chicken or if it's Buzz Lightyear leading the team on heroic endeavors; the movie is great! Plus, how about that Jessie flashback? If you weren't sobbing your pretty little heart out, then you are likely dead inside.

8. Monsters Inc.

Monsters Inc is one of the funniest movies Pixar has made. It has an amazing story and two of the most heroic, likable protagonists of any animated movie ever. The love between Boo and Sulley is incredible and will bring tears to even the most hard-hearted guy. Why is it not higher on the list? Well, when a movie is competing against Toy Story and Finding Nemo, then that movie is most always going to end up somewhere farther down the list.

7. Up

If there's one movie that'll make your eyes burn from crying, it's Up. It's a perfect happy/sad movie about an old man, a dog, and an outcast kid. Ellie and Carl were the perfect couple. The reason it's number 6 and not number 1 is because it's the adult movie out of the Pixar movies. There's not a lot kids who will want to rewatch Up, but there's so much that parents will love about this movie. If only we could be as perfect as Ellie and Carl!

6. Toy Story 3

Scary? Yes. Hilarious? Yes. Sad? Absolutely. If you're like me, your childhood dream was to have your own Woody and Buzz Lightyear. Your worst nightmare was to see your beloved roundup gang disappear into the sands of time. Toy Story 3 took that nightmare and turned it into an emotional, brilliant story of escape and friendship. It deals with huge themes like death and loss, and still never fails to make even the youngest kids roll over with laughter. And that ending? Oh it was just brilliant; it was the best ending we could have asked for. It was a perfect blend of sad and happy. Too bad there'll be no more Toy Story movies...oh wait, Toy Story 4 is coming!

5. Inside Out

I haven't actually seen this movie yet (which is why it lands in the number 5 spot), but I've heard amazing things about Inside Out. It has critics bawling, kids laughing, and parents sniffing. It's a major emotion picture, after all! Could it eventually turn out to be the best Pixar movie yet? Maybe so; only time will tell.

4. The Incredibles

The Incredibles is probably the most difficult Pixar movie to rank. It has a first place winner script and themes. The quacky humor is contagious. However, for me it just barely falls before three other masterpiece Pixar works. I'm a huge fan of superheroes, but even superheroes can't compete with technology and outer space.

3. Wall-E

If I was ranking the greatest love stories of recent time, Wall-E would be the clear winner. It's a beautiful story of two lowly machines (one being a trash machine mind you!) who fall in love and stumble through all sorts of complications and then save Planet Earth. It doesn't get much better than Wall-E. It'll have you sobbing and laughing, and in the end, rooting for two ordinary robots with a crush on one another.

2. Finding Nemo

When someone mentions Finding Nemo, I get the shakes and immediately start tearing up. Finding Nemo is Pixar's best movie. This movie not only has kids and parents sobbing, but it also has them laughing hysterically. Pixar's woven in magical themes that hit home with parents and kids alike. It's a crazy great movie that'll be remembered for many more years to come.

1. Toy Story

The best friendship in movie history is that of two toys by the names of Woody and Buzz. Toy Story was the perfect movie that launched Pixar onto a path of magical glory and fame. It was the most impressive animated movie ever when it came out for multiple reasons. You have characters that have defined our culture; toys like Woody, Buzz, Rex, Ham, Slinky, and Mr. Potato Head. You can't get a better story-line. And there's that song that's captured the heart of this generation: You've Got A Friend In Me. Well done Pixar, well done.

What Pixar movie do you think deserves the number 1 spot on the list? Finding Nemo, Up, Wall-E, Toy Story 3? I'm excited for Pixar's next many years. What will we see? Who will we meet? Get ready to fly to infinity and beyond!


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