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Jesus Ricardo Zuniga

I am a true Horror fan. I can stay home and watch horror movies all day. By horror I mean movies like The Exorcist, Evil Dead, Amityville II: The Possession and Demons. Movies that will make us question our belief in faith and everything else. Movies that will actually strike fear into someone. Now all we get is crappy hand held camera movies. Paranormal activities and everything like it is just horrible. All are the same and at the end of the day it just disappoints is. I still watch them cause I can't stop a franchise until it's done. Even if they suck. Plus my date night movies are stuff like that. Females get scarred easily. Atleast we have the Insidious movies. I actually enjoyed them. The original was very good. Didn't scare me but enjoyable. I can say that maybe The Conjuring is the best horror movie I seen in awhile. It had that real horror 1980s feel to it. It's was a fun film. I don't get scared easily. So hard to be scared with any film now that is put in the horror genre. Only movie that creeps me out is The Exorcist. I will be waiting for something like that to come out. But the way these exorcism movies been I doubt it. Now I find myself to watch a lot of foreign horror films. [REC] 2 was a great movie. Only hand held movie I truly enjoyed. Very scary feel to it. I recommend it to everyone and the people that watched it loved it. The REC series took a horrible turn after [REC]2. It turned into bad zombie movies. Which part 2 was not your average zombie movies. I love zombie movies. I'm that kind of person who is actually waiting for the zombie apocalypse. Jajajajaja. But even zombies now and days are getting boring. But after all this I can say horror ain't the same. I guess good horror movies came in the 70s & 80s. Now we will still continue to watch anything that looks scary and hoping that it's good. Even if its a remake or a sequel we will just watch cause we are dying to be scared shirtless again. When will we get another horror movie in the level of The Exorcist ? I seen videos and heard stories of Noone wanting to watch it. My dad in peru said theaters where giving out watches to couples that went to watch it. Now that's the kind of movie I want. Something that is gonna make me think twice about watching it.


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