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Stephen Marshal Bove

While I did not enjoy it as much as the first film, I did like it more than part 3. To me, I put the 4 films in this order 1 4 2 3. I think 4 and 2 are evenly matched to me. But I think 4 had all the best parts of the first three films and its own stuff as well. I liked the little easter eggs or the Spinosaurs from 3 bone's were on World and Malcom's book was on the boat over and the desk of the IT guy. I didn't even hate the kid in this film. He made Regular Man 2 (Iron Man 3) unwatchable. But here he wasn't that bad. I liked the fact the music called back to the JP theme. I thought the final fight was a little corny, but it wasn't bad enough to kill the entire film for me (cough Hobbit cough). I think this would be a perfect end to the Jurassic Series, even though I know Universal will not let this cash cow die. But really, after this what kind of a nut job would even go to a Dinosaur theme park? Unless the meat eaters were not there.

This film is one of the rare few which will be an instant buy when it's released on bluray.


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