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Cap' and Spidey are boss
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The Fantastic Four reboot is set to hit theaters on August 7th, and will follow the same basic storyline of the other Fantastic Four movies. The details, however, vary, from the age of the characters to how they gain their powers. However, change does't always have to be a bad thing. Here are my opinions on how good, or bad, the new Fantastic Four movie will be.

The Characters-- The Fantastic Four's ages are going to be very different in the reboot. They are traditionally, as far as I know, supposed to be older, with Mr. Fantastic & Invisible Woman being in their mid-to-late thirties, as well as The Thing. Human Torch is supposed to be younger than them. In the new movie, they all appear to be in their mid-to-late twenties, which is significantly younger than they were in the original movies. However, I think that the age difference could play out well for the movie. Mr. Fantastic's younger age may be able to truly emphasize his intelligence. The Thing's age, and his apparent talent at baseball, according to the trailers, could be used to emphasize how he is the muscle of the group, even before he becomes giant, orange, and made of rocks. The age difference of the characters does't seem like a big deal, in fact, it could be a good thing.

Their Origin Story-- In the old Fantastic Four movies, the four friends get their powers after being exposed to cosmic energy. In the reboot, it seems that they will gain their powers after the travel through dimensions. This makes their backstory much more complex, because according to some of the trailers, it looks like the Fantastic Four will be taken into custody by the government. That seems like a much more likely thing to happen after they gain extraordinary powers from inter-dimensional travel. In the old movies, they go to a hospital, then get released, like, the next day. Also, as far as I can tell from the trailers and tv spots, it looks like the four of them will be sort of trained/observed after they gain their powers. Both of these facts would explain why the director of the movie said that it would take a while for them to fully gain the ability to use their powers the defeat Dr. Doom. This new origin story seems more logical, for a sic-fi movie, than the original movies.


Do you think that the Fantastic Four reboot will be as good as I do.


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