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Stephen Amell, that king of social media, has thrown his (not inconsiderable) weight behind another campaign. He's already had amazing success with charity campaigns 'F**k Cancer' and 'Sinceriously,' but this time he's doing something a little different.

He's asking fans to vote for Josh Donaldson of the Toronto Blue Jays to start in the MLB All-Star Game, and by way of encouragement, he posted a new Q&A to Facebook that clocks in at a whopping twenty minutes!

In the video, he shows his usual enthusiasm, openness and gratitude, and answers questions about filming TMNT 2, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow. He also talks about baseball. A lot.

This is unsurprising, given that the campaign is about baseball, and that Amell is a huge fan of the sport! However, if you are anything like me, baseball just isn't something that inspires you - in that sense, I'm something of a stereotypical nerd. I hear someone talking about short stops and batting averages, and my eyes glaze over and I start thinking about shoes. Something of a stereotypical girl there, too!

Therefore, for fans like me, I've pulled out all of Stephen's responses to questions about movies, TV shows, and SDCC.


On Arrow Season 4

Obviously, there were a lot of questions about the hit TV show, but Amell made it clear from the beginning that there is only so much that he can say. He did offer that if anyone wrote down a question that he could answer, he definitely would.

He also revealed that the premiere is going to have some seriously shocking moments - which isn't a huge surprise, but it seems that we'll have two, separate, major twists in just that first episode. He stops short of revealing which act these will appear in, but does say that they both happen within the same act. Does this mean that one character will drop both bombshells?

Did your jaw drop to the floor at any time reading the Arrow Season 4 Premiere?

Yes. Twice. They both happen in act... no, that's too much information, I can't tell you that. Twice though. And legitimately did. I texted Marc Guggenheim directly after reading the season four premiere with three or four very pointed questions.

He also confirmed what we already assumed, that once again, there would be a period of a few months in the timeline between the Season 3 finale and the Season 4 premiere. This has happened every season so far, and it only makes sense to continue the trend. It also gives the characters some time to react, to grow, and to change the landscape of Starling just a little before we return.

Time has passed. Like, the standard amount of time. We go in real time, like we normally do. So about five, six months has passed since the finale.

On Playing Casey Jones in Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles 2

His other major geek project right now, TMNT 2, is currently filming in NYC, and there is no doubt that he is having the time of his life. From Facebook posts, sneak peeks, teaser photos and his many statuses about the movie, it's clear that Casey Jones is going to be incredible!

Which character that you have played has been the most fun for you?

Well, I'm biased toward Casey Jones at the moment, because I am having an absolute rollicking time playing him right now. But, this is sort of like asking me to pick between my kids. I can't pick.

He's also having some fun with the other actors on set, dealing with mo-cap suits and the potential for weirdness that comes with that.

No. [It's not weird] Because the guys that play the turtles just... nail it. Neil, Jeremy, Pete and Alan all embody their character in a different way.
The only weird thing is that when you are working with the turtles, their "eyes" are actually above their heads, so when you're speaking to them, you actually have to be looking up here and pretend that you are looking at them in the eyes. It's a weird thing to have to train your body to do. Very weird.

On [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021)

While Amell himself isn't starring in the new CW show Legends of Tomorrow, there is no doubt that he will be spending some time with them on screen - the DC universe on the CW is all intimately connected, and half of the cast of the new show is coming from Arrow. The other half, obviously, comes from the Flash.

Amell is clearly really looking forward to the new CW series, and is excited to see what will happen with such an interesting mix of characters.

I got a chance to hang out with the cast a little bit, right before we shot that promo that you saw. I think that the disparate pieces between the cast and the varying personalities are going to lead to some really compelling television.

It also seems that he's excited to get a chance to work a little bit with Victor Garber, who plays half of Firestorm on The Flash, and who will be part of that same character in Legends of Tomorrow. The other actor who plays Firestorm, and who Amell has worked with in the past, is clearly a little less of a thrill for Stephen, being his own cousin Robbie!

Anything that gets me closer to working with Victor Gerber is a good thing!

On His Hectic Schedule and SDCC

Finally, he spoke a few times about how crazy his schedule has been this year, moving directly from Arrow Season Three to New York to film TMNT 2, and back again for Season Four.

On the one hand, he actually doesn't seem to mind the lack of free time, comparing it to his last summer and the difference between a physical break and a mental one.

I'm not that tired. Last year, I had a couple of movie projects that fell through at the last minute, and I ended up doing virtually nothing over the break except growing a very gross beard. I remember getting back and shooting episode 301 of Arrow, being like, I feel like I was just here.
So, maybe I won't be as physically recharged going into the fourth season, but mentally and emotionally, doing something different has been incredibly, incredibly helpful.

However refreshing it might be, there is a downside to such a hectic schedule, primarily that it means he may not make an appearance at SDCC next month.

I don't even know if I'm going to make San Diego Comic Con. I'm in New York, It's in San Diego, and we film in Vancouver. The amount of time between wrapping Turtles and starting Arrow is shrinking by the moment. So I'm going to do my very best to go.

Here's hoping he makes it! If not, at least we know that there will be even more chances to get a Stephen Amell fix starting in October.

Arrow returns to the CW early Oct, while TMNT 2 hits cinemas June 3rd, 2016

If you would like to support Stephen Amell's campaign to have Josh Donaldson of the Toronto Blue Jays to start in the MLB All-Star Game, click here to vote.


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