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What's the Sitch?! (The Situation)

During their adventures, Doc, Marty and Einstein from Back to the Future travel forward in time to observe humanity's progress, but what they find is something worse....

The entire Earth is now in radioactive shambles because of events caused by President Snow (from The Hunger Games) during the rebellion. Specifically, during the events of Mockingjay, President Snow became fed up with the rebellion of "radicals" led by the Mockingjay Katniss Everdeen against The Capitol. Instead of trying to weed them out and trust his army to defeat the rebels, he instead sends an untested nuclear bomb that will completely obliterate District 13 and everything near it. It would serve as the strongest message ever sent by Snow, that the Capitol should never be messed with, and the other Districts will finally understand and go back to normal...

Because he's just that good.
Because he's just that good.

....Or so President Snow would have hoped. Unfortunately, the bomb was so powerful that it obliterated the entire surface of the planet, killing everyone and everything. The Earth was left in radioactive ruins.

Doc and Marty observed these events in history, and began an attempt to prevent the apocalypse from happening. They watched President Snow and the meetings he had with his associates who tried to sway him out of sending the bomb. It soon became clear to Doc and Marty that no one would be able to talk President Snow out of sending the bomb out....except for President Snow himself. Doc and Marty worked out a plan to truly convince President Snow to not send the bomb. But it would require the idea to be placed into his mind, a process which is known as ......... Inception. But they would need some help.

The Two Teams:

1. Doc and Marty (Back to the Future)

Great Scott!
Great Scott!

These two were the ones that realized the problem and possessed the ability to travel through time. It is an essential tool, especially considering that they will need to bring the latter team into the future to stop President Snow. But more on that later!

They are both rather experienced with how time travel works and are key to completing the task at hand. Their intellect and gadgets are very useful and their initiative to recognize the problem will save everyone on Earth (in the future).

2. The Team from Inception

This team's best skill is being able to travel into the minds of others, whether to extract a thought from their brain, or to implant an idea into their head using Inception (traveling through 3 different dreams within each other, with a new part of the idea growing inside each dream). This team is key because they will be able to go into the mind of President Snow to implant the idea that "sending out the untested nuclear bomb is a horrible idea".

Shortly after the events of Inception, Doc and Marty present themselves to Dom Cobb (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) to ask him to help them. Cobb assembles the team back together to help save the world, instead of just a business this time.

The Plan:

The two teams will go forward in time to the night before President Snow sends out the nuclear bomb. They will arrive at precisely the right time and place so that the Delorean (the time-travel machine) arrives right in Snow's hallway. After knocking out the guards, they go into Snow's bedroom and all of them (except one who stays to guard the dreamers) enter his dream.

Knowing that Snow's dream is guarded from "dream hackers," they come prepared to stop any attacks from Snow's militarized projections. Mainly, by sending Doc and Marty briefly back in time within the dream (to a previous attack) to stop the projected attackers by using a Delorian placed into the dream. During the rest of the time, the Inception team begins implanting the ideas into Snow's head. Each time they travel into a further dream, all of the Inception team members (except one) along with Doc and Marty go into the dream to keep the process moving and to help defend from the projections.

In order for the Inception process to work, they must implant three different ideas to form one large idea. They are as follows:

- First Dream: You are a hero-figure to the people of The Capitol. If you do something that horrendous, they will turn against you. It takes place in what is basically a typical day in Snow's palace, but with outraged news of the nuclear bomb being sent out. Cobb secretly changes many parts of the dream that the projections can see, but Snow cannot. Snow's projections enter the palace, heading towards the teams (but Snow thinks they are heading towards him). The two teams and Snow go into a hidden chamber and they put Snow to sleep.

- Second Dream: The bomb is unsafe and dangerous. This dream will be Snow being placed into the 75th Hunger games arena with the bomb being dropped on him (and the hidden teams). He is protected by a bubble placed around him by the Inception team. As the bomb falls, the team leaps forward ahead a minute using the Delorian so they arrive after the bomb hits. All of the projections are also wiped out. Eames (played by Tom Hardy) poses as one of Snow's scientists who says the bomb was untested and has annihilated the world. They are only spirits now, and they must sleep to continue onto the next world. From there, they enter the third and final dream.

- Third Dream: It will destroy everyone you care about. Eames poses as Snow's granddaughter. She is sad that Snow sent the bomb. She tells him that it is destroying the world and soon they will all be dead. Eames's form of Snow's granddaughter begins to melt away into her skeleton, walking slowly towards him, begging him to help her and saying that he should have never sent the bomb.

From there, Snow will wake back up, realize that the idea of the bomb is absurd and quickly storm out of the room to cancel the plans. He storms out so quickly that he does not notice the hidden team in the dark bedroom, who will then manage to escape into the Delorean. From there, the events of Mockingjay turn out the way we all know (or will know) with no nuclear bombs, but instead just smaller bombs being used. Or so it should have ended....

The Downfall

During the final dream, Snow goes into a rage. His projections quickly realize that they are not alone. They start to swarm the two teams. Doc and Marty, as planned, go to fight off the projections. Unfortunately, Snow also (unknowingly) projected Katniss into the dream, who he secretly fears, therefore making her projection even stronger. The projection shoots an explosive arrow into the engine of the Delorean, making the car explode with Marty and Doc inside of it. They are both sent into limbo. In good news, they now have all the time in the world. In bad news, there is no way for them to escape that false reality. They are lost there forever.

The Aftermath

Spoilers for Mockingjay ahead:

Unable to control the Delorean in reality, the Inception team flees Snow's palace. They go into hiding outside of The Capitol.

They wait there until the end of the war in Mockingjay. Once Snow's tyranny is over, they reveal themselves to the new Capitol and tell their story.

They work with the scientists to restore the proper power to the time machine (which was damaged after Snow's guards found it). Once the Delorean is fixed, they return to their own time and Cobb is once again reunited with his family.

The End.


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