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Sorry I haven't gotten this article out sooner, but here we go. Finally sharing my theories :)

The second season of The Flash is already highly anticipated, even though it isn't supposed to start airing until the fall. The first season ended in a huge bang, potentially altering the whole direction of the show.

But, Spoiler Warnings!!! If you have not watched the finale of The Flash, do not read any further.

So what did the finale change?

Well, let's see. Time travel is officially possible, and not just on a 24-hour-scale. On a scale of infinite possibilities. Two characters have practically been confirmed to have powers in the second season (That's right: Caitlyn Snow and Cisco Ramon). And finally, the whole timeline is changed.

So the finale left us with a dying Eddie and a non-existant Eobard, but also left Barry to deal with a black hole because of the time vortex. P.S., pardon me if I am using the wrong terminology. It has been a while since I've seen the finale.

Looking past the black hole, let's focus more on Eddie's death. Him choosing to shoot himself essentially disintegrated Eobard by destroying the entire Thawne family line. He changed the future! But by getting rid of Eobard, he changed the past and present as well. Which means we could have some additions to the cast this next season.

1. Henry and Nora Allen

If Eobard never existed, then he never followed Barry back into the past and killed his mother. Simple! Which means that Henry wouldn't be in jail for her murder. The Allens would be a complete family again, which means Barry would never have lived with the Wests. He would still be friends with Iris though, which could lead to a relationship.

Back to the Allen family, this could bring about an interesting present. Where would Barry be in life now, especially since the whole future has changed now that his mother is alive? Eobard Thawne/Harrison wells said it himself: "How many more people will die of Nora Allen lives?"

2. Eddie Thawne

Well, since Nora is alive, it effectively reset the past, present, and future. Meaning that Eddie could still be alive! (small shout of victory) But the question is, will Iris end up with Eddie like season one or with Barry, like the previous timeline?

Also, will he even be partnered with Joe West? If Eobard hadn't created the particle accelerator and destroyed it, then West's previous partner very well may have not died.

And finally...

3. Harrison Wells

I don't mean Eobard Thawne, though that is a possibility. But I mean the original Harrison Wells, who was never murdered by Eobard and successfully created his particle accelerator in 2019 with his wife Tess. The one that all the scientists this season loved before he became bitter and evil after his wife died (and he did, too). He could be a key character in the next season.

But if the past was reset and the particle accelerator hasn't been created yet, will Barry have powers at the start of the second season? Will there be any Metahumans to fight against? And will Barry even remember what happened?

So who else?

Do you have any ideas on who else might show up in the next season? There have been hints all along at Vibe, Killer Frost, and a few other including Hawk Girl, the TRUE Green Arrow, and even Kid Flash!

So let me know what you think. Agree, disagree? Any others you want to add to the list?


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