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What piqued my interest more than the fact that Sony Pictures Entertainment, only and wholeheartedly, sees Spider-Man as a straight Caucasian character, is the topic it has stirred, causing a distasteful smell. Such topic, being currently discussed online, its very subject matter is quite clickbait. In my opinion, it at all shouldn't be news, however it is, and the way we see at things, is a very important news.

Wikileaks, the whistleblower website, divulged today all the private emails and files taken from Sony, during the hack of the studio documents last year, onto their servers. First picked up by Gawker website passionately—putting the spotlight on a licensing agreement stating the mandatory Spider-Man/Peter Parker traits (See below).

The point of my opinion on this is that Spider-Man only exists when a straight Caucasian kid puts on his costume to fight crime, only in style and manner, the character is respectively written in the comics. The leaked agreement not at all dishonors the character. But, if one is to cast a black actor to limn the character, or, someone to play him as not at all heterosexual, then that's when we'd have a film, different, fresh (kind of), yet not cogent enough. It'd be, yes, only compelling, if Stan Lee sits and commence penning a new version of the character. Would you like that?

The franchise... what's really going on with it?

For the past few years, the franchise has been going through a difficult time in order to be on top; in order to be the best as Sam Raimi’s first two films were. Spider-Man 2, best of them all. Perhaps, the franchise, the reason it cannot be on top as Sony wanted it to be, is cursed. The reboot (The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2), both crawled to nowhere to gain enough energy, even with an outstanding Andrew Garfield.

What needs to be done in order to save the franchise?

I think, in order to save such a beloved character from it being mocked and disrespected, it's just better, and this is for the sake of the franchise, note it, please, if Sony and Marvel let the poor character rest for at least a decade. Otherwise, it will die miserably of rebooting for business purposes (box-office).


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