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Today I saw Jurassic World in theaters, I really enjoyed it, but that's besides the fact. Before the film these trailers were shown, so this 'episode' of Trailer Run was technically brought to you by Jurassic World.

The Martian

This film was in the first 'episode of 'Trailer Run' so no real reason to recover it. Seeing this trailer on the big screen, though really hit home that I want to see this film on the big screen.

Now On to the Show :)


The Trailer -

I couldn't get through my screening of Dispicable Me 2, so I don't think I'll be watching this film. I couldn't find the exact trailer I saw, but this one is close enough. Basically, this is the side character's getting their own film. Kind of like 'After Mash' but on film.

Nope, I ain't even going to give this film a chance.

Terminator Genisys

The Trailer -

I'll be honest, the first Terminator film I ever saw was 4 (Terminator Salvation). With me not having any connection or love for the franchise that's probably by I enjoyed the film. I've seen parts of T2, but I've never watched the first or 3rd one.

So what did I think of the trailer? What the heck happened to John between 4 and 5? That he changed that much? Also, it's kind of dumb that the hero of the series is now the villain? It works with Vader because Anakin was always meant to be Vader. The prophecy even says he'd bring balance to the Force, that would mean making the Sith and the Jedi equal in numbers. 2 Sith, 2 Jedi. (Looking at the films only), So now John is the villain of the series and wants to kill both his mother and is working for Skynet. That's the story of T5. I might watch this film, but it will be a Redbox Rental, or a FX viewing.

I kind of liked this scene.
I kind of liked this scene.


The Trailer -

This trailer gave away the entire movie. So I don't really need to watch it, the kid saves his dad with the help of the dog. Whoops, spoiler alert.

The Walk

The Trailer -

Well, this will be an Oscar film, so I might watch it if it gets nominated. But it didn't seem like something I would want to watch.

Ted 2

The Trailer -

So, just like the last film it will be a Seth Macfarlane film. So you get some rude humor and maybe one or two funnies in the entire film. So, I'll see this film the same way I saw the first one, Redbox.

this was the scene that made me laugh
this was the scene that made me laugh

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