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In a world of zombies, dinosaurs, television ratings and mad scientists,we have entered the realm of the most dangerous island on the planet Earth. An island where a virus has turned the inhabitants into a new form of zombies. But, as opposed to other TV shows and movies where the only casualties are humans, writer/artist/editor A Shay Hahn takes us on an adventure where anything can be turned. But, that is only the start of the adventure.

It's hard to write a suspenseful zombie comic where the scares are present as you turn the page. But, as any comic regarding this form shows, humor is also needed, as is mystery. In the first issue of this series, all of those are present. There is mystery about what exactly is going on in the island and what the scientists were attempting to create. But, with the presence of zombie dinosaurs and hunters, we are entering the adventure in the middle.But, with the world that we live in now, ratings is all that truly matters. It doesn't matter if people are being killed in front of you, as long as the cameraman gets the perfect shot of the carnage as its unfolding.The first issue offers alot of mystery that will make you want to return for future issues. Hahn adds in a number of excellent coloring and facial expressions to show what is happening and to try and place us in the characters shoes. This is a difficult job to do for a first issue, but he succeeds quite well with that. It almost seems like we know alot about the characters before we even learn their names. If you're a fan of horror/sci-fi/zombie epics then give this a shot. If you're just a traveling fan of "The Walking Dead" and "jurassic World", then give this a shot also. You won't be disappointed. I give this comic an 8 out of 10.

Note: This is an independent book. If you would like to read it or find out how to get a copy, please add A Shay hahn on facebook at

You can also visit his online store at


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