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Okay I know this might sound a little crazy to some of you but stay with me. I would like to start off by saying that I am not an avid comics reader, and therefore its a completely new discovery for me, though some of you may know about it.

Currently, these are the 6 Infinity Stones we all know about, with 4 of them already introduced in the MCU:

  • The Space Gem (aka Tesseract), in possession of Loki at Asgard.
  • The Mind Gem (Loki's Sceptre), in possession of The Vision.
  • The Power Gem (The Orb), in possession of the Nova Corps.
  • The Reality Gem (Aether), in possession of The Collector.
  • The Time Gem (to be introduced).
  • The Soul Gem (to be introduced).
The 6 Infinity Stones in the MCU.
The 6 Infinity Stones in the MCU.

However, what most people don't know about is that a SEVENTH Infinity Gem exists in the Marvel Comics.

Yes, you heard right, a seventh infinity gem. This gem is known as the "Ego Gem", and was discovered by Loki. According to the official Marvel Website, the Gem was found in a realm known as the Ultraverse, home to the Ultraforce (with members such as Black Knight), along with the help of other heroes pulled into the Ultraverse like Adam Warlock.

This "Ego Gem" is considered to be a goldish coloured gem, and one of the most powerful things in the Marvel Multiverse. Its the last remaining essence of the all powerful entity Nemesis, the creator of the Infinity Stones.

Apparently, Loki got his hands on all the 6 original Infinity Gems, and when he met the Avenger Sersi (who was possessed by the Ego Gem), it led to the rebirth of Nemesis, who however, was destroyed by the Avengers and the Ultraforce working together.

I, for one, would love to see this in the MCU, maybe they can bring in Nemesis for Phase 4? I would love to hear your thoughts!



Do you want to see the Ego Gem in the MCU sometime?


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