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So I saw this movie yesterday. I went into the theater with no expectations other then "I hope this is a fun movie". So many movies today get criticized for their plot holes, bad acting or bad dialog, that we end up missing the reason we go to movies in the first place. To have ourselves a good time. Now 'Fun' doesn't mean only the fun and cheery toned movies. It's whatever the individual craves and delights in. It can be horror, comedy, suspense, action, romance...or heck how about a combination of all those things. So lets try not to nitpick here and there about every little detail. Now don't worry, I'll bring the negatives up about this film, just not without cause.


It's 20+yrs since the events of Jurassic Park. Hammond has passed his dream and legacy on to others who successfully assembled the first ever working Dinosaur amusement park. People though, it would seem, are getting tired of the same old thing. They've gotten used to seeing dinosaurs to the point where they are almost desensitized to the dangers. The public wants something new, something bigger and better. So to keep up attractions and funding of their park, the team of scientists create a new more dangerous and unpredictable creature then ever before.


The dialog is fairly well written with a few bad line readings. This made me very disappointed because in the trailer for Jurassic World, the line readings sounded great. Chris Pratt's line delivery of "they're dinosaurs, wow enough." sounded natural with the right amount of emotion. However, in the film, they use a completely different take. One which is much worse and just sounds plain and thrown in. This same problem occurs many times through the movie. Dialog which sounded fine in the trailers, is now delivered totally different from different and BAD takes from GREAT actors.


Chris Pratt does a fantastic job once again. I honestly don't think this guy can go wrong. He brings life to the I'll albeit one dimensional character of Owen Grady. (We'll get to more on that later.) Bryce Dallas Howard pulls off a strong willed business woman with a one track mind. Her character has been mocked and criticized for running throughout the movie in high heels. To me it makes no difference and the sheer fact that she can run in them shows that her feminine ways don't make her weak, they make her strong. Possibly as strong as Owen Grady in his cowboy boots. Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson play the parts of two brothers on a trip to Jurassic World. They do the best with what they have and let me tell you, it's not much. I commend them for preventing me from hating their characters anymore than I already did. (More on that later as well.) Vincent D'Onofrio plays the high strung militaristic crazed guy that you can find in over a hundred other movies. His talent is wasted immensely in this movie. Omar Sy barely has a character to play. Although he gets a good amount of time in the film, he is never needed and I don't even remember what his name was in the movie. He was there for no purpose other than to be there. Another waste of who I imagine to be a highly skilled actor. B.D. Wong plays the scientist Dr. Henry Wu once again. Although he suddenly become more concerned with that of money and greed. He also still hasn't learned that he has no control of the things he creates. Irrfan Khan plays the Hammond type character. He carries on John Hammond's passion for the park and genuinely wants people to have a good time and is less concerned with the profit. Overall the cast is perfect in some areas and not needed in others. Some legendary actors skills are blatantly wasted on one dimensional characters.

Action/ CGI/ Effects

The action is the main thing Jurassic World has going for it. The Computer Graphics are outstanding and the dinosaurs look very real indeed. There are a lot of monster kills type moments in the movie, so if that's what your going for, you're in for a great time.

What I liked

There were a lot of throw backs to the original film. Some needed and some not so much. I liked Owen Grady and I liked Clair. I also liked Mr. Masrani. I enjoyed the action scenes and the ending of the final battle was very satisfying. Overall I liked this movie. But...

What I disliked

I didn't like the brothers at all or for that matter the entire plot that went with them. In the beginning of the film, Zach, the older sibling, says goodbye to his girlfriend...only to hit on every other girl immediately after. So I didn't care about him after that. The younger brother, Grey, was so annoying and hypersensitive running around the park. Maybe that's just me, but this is MY review. "Their parents getting divorced" plot went absolutely nowhere and had no bearing on the main plot of the film. It is never brought up again at the end so I don't know why they bothered with it in the first place. I didn't like the whole "Weaponize the raptors" thing either. It just didn't need to be there and I wish it was just the good clean wholesome plot of "We think we're in control so lets mess with nature" concept. That would have made this movie feel a lot less bloated. It felt like the classic "well we've gotta have this in there too..." trap that movies sometimes fall into. However Jurassic World does manage to naw it's leg off and crawl away before things get unbearable.

Overall and closing thoughts

Jurassic World is a see one time on a weekend type of movie. The characters don't grow at all except that of Clair who learns that dinosaurs are more than just a profit. They are animals. Everyone else plays the same tune throughout the entire film. This is a good pure monster movie. Not really a Jurassic Park film. This is basically the exact same movie of that of the original, with worse characters and with a few differences thrown in here and there for good measure. I'd recommend seeing it one time and let that initial view decide if you'll be going back. Because if we're honest, you've probably already seen it or you are going later today.


What are your thoughts on Jurassic World? Have you seen it yet? Do you plan on seeing it?


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