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Spectre is coming out this year

1. Ursula Andress’s voice in Dr. No was dubbed by Nikki van der Zyl due to her heavy accent.

2. M's house in Skyfall is the old home of former Bond composer John Barry.

3. Sean Connery's stunt double was paid $450 extra for jumping in a pool of sharks in Thunderball.

4. Ian Fleming wrote all the Bond novels on a beautiful gold plated typewriter.

5. There is a James Bond fan theory that say that James Bond is actually a code name and not a proper name. The name gets handed down from MI6 agent to agent. The theory explains why James Bond always looks different and nobody notices.

6. Quentin Tarantino showed interest at one point to direct Casino Royale.

7. The sequence in Venice from Casino Royale took 3 weeks to shoot.

8. Quantum Of Solace was the first direct James Bond sequel.

9. Skyfall was the first Bond movie to be completely shot digitally.

10. George Lazenby is the only Bond actor to be American.

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