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Read this only after seeing Game of thrones season 5 finale.Potential spoilers ahead!!

Being devastated after watching the season finale and watching favourite and most interesting character in North of the realm of seven kingdoms after Ned Stark died, "Jon Snow" also died leaving the fans in state of utter surprise , 'wth' moment and really angry , i started looking for clues that might make season 6 interesting and i got many theories out of which some of them i am going to share with you!!


Fan theory 1)- Is Jon Snow really Dead?? Reality of Jon Snow !

One longtime fan theory is that Snow might have “warged” into his direwolf Ghost just before he died, keeping his spirit alive in the physical world even though his body had perished. Another is that Melisandre could revive Snow much the same way another Lord of Light practitioner Thoros resurrected Beric Dondarrion in both the books and the series (Melisandre also returned to Castle Black just in time for Snow’s demise in the season finale, which suggests this could happen in the series, as well). Those answers might not be discovered until Martin’s next novel is published, The Winds of Winter, and/or season 6 premieres next year.

If Jon is alive in the books yet dead on the show, it would not be the first time the series has declined to potentially resurrect a central character that’s still around in the novels. In Martin’s books [book spoilers], Catelyn Stark’s vengeful spirit is resurrected as Lady Stoneheart, but that character has not appeared in the show and does not seem to be a part of the showrunners’ plan. And Wildling leader Mance Rayder was firmly killed off when he was burned at the stake in the show’s fifth season finale, but in the books the burning scene was a Melisandre-aided illusion, and Mance later popped up in Ramsay’s court at Winterfell.

But as for Jon in the series … c’mon, he’s really dead?

Now here is a crazy theory about Jon's Parents. Many think that Jon is not really son of Ned stark and some other woman but he might be son of most beautiful stark "Lyanna stark" and "Rhaegar Targyaryan" in the books once when a jousting tournament was held in Kings landing at the time of reign of mad king Aerys Targyaryan ,many noble families of the seven kingdoms where present there including the starks. Being Victorious in tournament he was given a crown of blue flowers which Rhaegar was to give to the most beautiful woman in seven kingdoms ,he gave it to Ned starks sister Lyanna instead of her queen Elia Martel sister of Obyreon Martel the prince of Dorne who died in season 4 in combat trial fighting for Tyrion against the Mountain.

Robert was promised Lyanna but instead Rhaegar fell in love with Lyanna and took her with him and this thing sparked the rebellion which overthrew the mad king .Rhaegar kept Lyanna in a tower called 'The Tower Of Joy' where she was found bleeding heavily in bed when Ned reached there.On the other side Rhaegar was killed was Robert and the mad king's family slayed by the traitors.The commander of mad kings army and many other important trusted persons of Rhaegar where found in Tower and not in battlefield helping Rhaegar so something important was there and according to my predictions it might be the last Targyaryan born from a stark ....'Jon Snow' also the the last words of Lyanna to her brother Ned were "Promise me Ned" which might be Ned's promise to keep Jon alive as he was his sitster's son .Thus to hide identity of Jon he intorduced him as his and some other woman's son which would seem convincing to other and keep Jon out of harms way.

Kit Harrington the actor playing the role of Jon snow recently stated in an interview that Jon snow is dead and that he is done with him , wait a second Jon snow is dead but Jon Targareyen may come to life !!, another thing that a source leaked the payment for cast to be increased in season 6 had Kit Harrington's name in that list this shows possibility of his return on show as revived character or as in flash back scenes which is not yet confirmed.

Other things suggesting this theory are as below :

1 Ned's dislike for Robert's thought of killing every Targyaryan alive including Danerys .
2 Ned never talking about her sister Lyanna to anyone.
3 Most importantly Ned giving Jon only a Valyerian steel sword which he did'nt give to any other of his own blood children.
4 Ned character playing actor Sean Bean in an interview with Vlutures as below

source film theroy on youtube.
source film theroy on youtube.

So Jon may be the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna and thus based on him the season5 is named "SONG OF ICE AND FIRE" as the starks a northers cold like ice and the targareyens hot like fire of their dragons {again its a theory} .

source film theory youtube
source film theory youtube

Though i personally think his revival chances are meek lets hope it turns out as i have presented for it.


Will Jon revive again and fulfill the prophecy of three heads of dragon or as that of promised prince ??

2) Fan theory 2 -Tyrion Lannister a Targaryen ??

Tyrion Lannister also known as the [imp] seems to have outlived his life because every moment or circumstances we thought he is going to die brought a new twist in the story.Let us just make a sum of how much Tyrion survived in the show which will end up making you belive that there is in fact some super natural power protecting him.

1 Tyrion survives Vales captivity by trial to combat against a best vale knight with Bronn fighting for him.

Tyrion's survival in vales!
Tyrion's survival in vales!

2 Tyrion also survives battle against the starks in which his father made him chief and go in battlefield in first position !!

Tyrion surviving the battle against starks!
Tyrion surviving the battle against starks!

3 Tyrion also saves the Kings Landing in Battle of Blackwater against Stannis Baratheon when he was serving as king's hand tactfully saving the whole city when boy king Joffery did nothing!

4 Tyrion survives his death sentence as Oberyon of Dorne fighting for him died against the Mountain by fleeing to Pentos with his so called best friend Varys the master spy and his brother Jamie Lannister's help in a crate.

5 Tyrion also survives without being touched or infected by stone man while passing through the ruins of Valeriya as a hostage or gift of Ser Jorah.

6 Tyrion meets mother of dragon who decides not kill him but to keep him as her adviser to his mere surprise!

After surviving this many things he also has a key thing to add his identity as Targaereyn he dreams about dragons !! and he also admits it now only Targareyens dream of dragon as them or as riding as dragon as it is in their DNA.

and here is a part from book that Tywin got too much drunk on his wedding and Aerys the mad king wanted his wife badly this might be seeds of Tyrion!!


Tyrion a Targayeryen ?

3) Fan theory - If Tyrion and Jon are Targareyen they with Daneyeres satisfy the Prophecies by Aemon Targareyen and red witch Mellisendra!!

The first line shows the name of fathers - Rhaegar , Aerys, Aerys respectively second line shows mother's name Lyanna, Joanna , Rhaella respectively and the third line shows sacrifices they made wilding Ygritte,Shae, Khal drogo repectively and the last line depicts possible coonection to Dragon with their names below their possible rides if my theory credited to many sources is right!!

As Aemon Targayrean told that a dragon must have three heads here depecting Jon, Tyrion and Daneyeares with their possible ones.

or here we can have Bran as a part of it if Tyrion doesn't seem to fit in as Bran will always had dreams of flying and is promised that "he shall never walk again but shall fly for thats certain". I feel strongly for Jon and Daneryers to be part of prophecy below but more about Tyrion and less about Brann.or it may be nothing at all as its just a theory.

So this is my kinda theory it might be right or wrong as its just a theory but do tell me if you have some other theories or ideas to share feel free to comment below!


what do you think about the given theory?


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