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There are two catastrophes happening. A. and B., A. is whats happening outside of my mind, or the real disaster. B. is the other disaster, but in my mind, but a little less important..or is it. I..I don't know.

A. The Disaster- Volcanic Eruption

Some where on some planet a Volcano is on the verge of eruption. Spewing lava, hurdling rocks, and flinging ash and sleet everywhere!! But its still on the is it then a disaster yet? Is it then doing all the things I just said? Hueah(starting to cry) *Crying* I...I..I don't..I can't...I'm to confused..Oh no! Confusion!?

B. The Disaster- Confusion

Since the writer is off in the subconscious, Dave, will take you through Derek's confusion and hopefully...(keyword 'hopefully') begin/solve the problem. While Derek, in reality is a slobbery mess, standing...well on the floor now, awkwardly...

A. The Teams: Hero 1= Robotman, Hero 2= Alien, and Hero 3= Buzz Lightyear

Robotman, Alien, and Buzz are mysteriously here, and while Alien is lying itself inside of people and wrecking even more havoc, Robotman and Mr. Lightyear see danger. They don't like danger so they decide to go on and see if they can help.

Nearing the edge of the Volcano which has scorching temperatures, Robotman can't find Buzz. Robotman decides to continue on up, which seems like days to reach, but only takes him 9 minutes tops. The heat burns of his clothes and reveals Robotman's muscular metal body.

After searching for a tiny bit, Robotman finds his old black banana, which he eats...then realizes he's been here before, and then walks over to the other side of the volcano where some machineryish things seem to be. He notices a big lever, that states in big: Pull for your choices: 1. Stop, 2. Release havoc, and 3. Scare some people.

Robotman doesn't really get the 2. and 3. because they're sort of contradictory, so he pulls it to 1. which then stops all of the crazy. Then a lazer shoots him to B.

B. The teams: Hero 1=Robotman and Hero 2= 007

Robotman shoots into a mind where 007 meets him sitting in an armchair. The two greet each other like they've always been pals. Then they get to work...but what work is there for the two guys...Wheres Dave? Dave! Dave where are you? Well..I'm sorry to say reader but Dave must have left..So we'll just let Derek take over again...So..I..I'm...back..then..? *feels face* Whew! I'm fine..*stands up* wipes drool off face and walks away*.

Me, Derek, never really knew what was going on, so I don't know anything that had happened. Not even that James 'freaking' Bond and Robot 'freaking' man are in my why am I telling you this...I'm confused...I..I..
Oh no! Confusion!! *Alien tears me apart*


Sad to one really survived..Alien then took over that world they were on. Buzz Lightyear had melted at the foot of the volcano, cause..well..duh? He's plastic... So Robotman should have looked for a heap of rainbow colored sludge first, and then continued up the volcano. But he didn't because he's a deserter...stinking deserter.. Speaking of which, Robotman and 007 basically died, or are trapped in something..I don't really know. What happens if someone dies when you are in their head? I'm confused...


Thank you for reading my very weird story thingy..It was something I could think up real quick, yes it's weird..I got it.


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