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Jurassic World.

Over 20 years ago the original Jurassic Park became this highest grossing movie of the year and was followed by two sequels, generally considered mediocre. Yet 14 years after the release of Jurassic Park III, the park is open once again, but can it recapture the magic of the original?

In this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is joined by Andrea Coffman and Daniel Proulx to talk about Jurassic World. We discuss our first impressions, where the movie lost Daniel, continuing the themes of the original, caring about the finale, running in high heals, selling out, unchecked scientific research, being our own worse enemy, philosophies of science, Owen, music, other tidbits, breaking the bank and our ratings. For the rest of The 602 Club shows about the Jurassic series visit here!


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