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Inside Out is killing it right now in the theatres which means its time for some mind blowing facts.

1. There where originally supposed to be a lot more emotions like Pride but they ended up settling on 5.

2. Bill Hader did not only voice Fear in the movie, he also helped create some ideas for the movie.

3. Pete Docter, the director, has aid that his daughter, Elie, was a huge inspiration for Inside Out because he saw her change through out her age.

4. Riley is the first Pixar character to also be a location!

5. Riley's hockey rink in the movie is located where the real life Walt Disney Family Museum stands in San Fransisco.

6. Riley's last name is Anderson, maybe it's a reference to Toy Story 3's Bonnie Anderson, could they be related???

7. Pete Docter has said that it was hard to make good three dimensional characters out of emotions.

8. Disgust was originally male.

9. There was supposed to be an emotion called Surprise in the movie but they cut him out of the movie because he would be too similar too Fear.

10. All of the emotions are based on a shape. Joy is a star, Sadness is a tear, Anger is a fire brick and Fear is a raw nerve.

11. Young Riley is actually voiced by the same girl who voiced Boo from Monsters.Inc.

12. When Riley is upset the the camera becomes a little bit out of focus.

13. Some of the memories from the memories balls are taken from the marriage montage from Up.

14. This is pixar's 15th feature film.

15. When one of the emotions interacts with the controls board it tints into the emotions colour.


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