ByKobi Sultan, writer at

First of all,Im a HUGE fan of Batman.

Now with that out of the way lets start talking about the new upcoming game Batman Arkham Knight.

The game looks AMAZING.

Graphics are awesome and the new batmobile looks awesome.

But..and its a huge but(LOL),Rocksteady said that its going to be 12 hour game,according to gamespot.

12 HOURS?! A game like this one,full with content,should be at least 30,like witcher 3.

Im spending 60$ for a game with no multiplayer,or co-op,which could be great with the addition of nightwing and robin to the main story line.

I think that its sucks. Im really thinking about not buying the game on launch,just for that reason alone. Dont get me wrong,i am going to buy this game.but after a few monthes or a price drop.

I dont know what you guys think.

Am I just a whiny bitch or do i have a point?

let me know.


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