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As a huge fan of horror, gore, slasher, kidnapping, torture, killing and just disturbance in general, I've seen way to many movies that include all of this and some of them that include all of them in just one film. I must say that I'm not easily impressed and most horror movies that people find disturbing such as 'The Human Centipede' or 'Hostel' (although this are great movies) are still short compared to the list I'm about to introduce.

  • 5: NEKROMANTIK 2 (1991)

Monika and boyfriend Rob
Monika and boyfriend Rob

This is one of my favorite films ever, maybe not as grotesque as other films I will mention, however this one has a cute touch added to it. The plot revolves around a woman who is still in love with a dead men, so she did what anyone else would, she pulled his body out of the cemetery and started a relationship with him, technically . It's a must watch if you are trying to start in the genre but still want something romantic, not the notebook, but very very good to watch.


The killer
The killer

This one is probably one of the most unsettling films I have ever seen ever. It's one of those 'found footage' films, but this one is quite different since it does not follow the story of a family in a haunted house or something in the woods, it's about a serial killer who enjoys recording all of its crimes, so later they can be found, when he is miles away laughing at the police. It's a must watch, it has a dark feeling and the finale is just magnificent, sad and unsettling but great.


This one is a classic in most disturbing horror movie lists and there is a reason to it. Cannibal Holocaust tell the story about a Professor who goes to the Jungles in South America to search the missing crew who were doing a documentary about the wild tribes, however they find out the a tribe was not as homey as they looked and they are actually cannibals. The film is absolutely disturbing, from animal torture to impaling people, it will make you wanna stop it and never continue it. At least i felt that in one scene of the movie.

FACT: The director of the film was in jail for 10 days because authorities believed that the murders were real, he had to bring the whole 'dead' cast to prove his innocence.

  • 2. GUINEA PIG 6; Mermaid in a Manhole (1988)

Guinea pig is a very popular 80's Japanese horror/gore film series that were popularized when actor Charlie Sheen watched the movie and mistaken it for a Snuff film, long story short, it wasn't. The film revolves about an artist (painter) that finds a mermaid he once knew when he was a child, in a manhole with cuts and boils, and many infections that had contract for being long enough in the sewers. The movie is pretty short and the story isn't great, but the disturbance factor its very present.


Hands down this is the most disturbing film I have seen in my entire life, and I completely understand if people disagree with me, the real reason why i consider this to be the MOST DISTURBING is not the quantities of blood or massacre in it, there are hundreds more with that, but that backstory of the film <<but the backstory of the film, people trying to find new types of porn to satisfy everyone needs>> is what keeps me thinking how many crazy people are out there. Definitely disturbing, gory and won't let you sleep correctly at night, it will just be in the back of your mind for a while.

Can't with the newborn scene for real.

What is your favorite and which ones don't let you sleep at night? Please let me know in the comments!


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