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Quincy Jackson

I saw the new video of Final Fantasy 7. It doses not look bad, but I feel there is no need for a remake. I played this game years ago. Some remakes I don't mind like when they remade street fighter 2. I think it was funny that in their campaign Square said let's make a remake. That was not very smart of them. I know a friend of mine who is game tester that was totally outraged about this. I heard from him there going change stuff in the game anyway. If that's the case then it is a contradiction to what they're making in a way of a remake. I felt it would be more logical if Square just did a continuation of the story rather than doing a remake. It seems a lot of the Final Fantasy games take you far in into future or far into the past. In other words, one does not stay in the same timeline.There have been some exceptions to the rule with that like FFX, and FFXIII. I still feel we need more order to things. I posted a video I was talking about here. Well, that's all I have said about that. Leave your question and comment below thank you.


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