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Inside Out shows us a little girl filled with emotions, most of which are benign, however everyone has emotions like this inside their head, and not all of them are quite as... sane. Max Rockantansky has some strange emotions, and when they conflict with normal ones, it gets messy.

The Situation

Max is travelling by himself, as normal, when he comes across a cult of people worshipping a man who intends to destroy the world with a Super-Ultra-Hydrogen bomb. As is the case with all Religious-Cult-Leader-Fanatics, this guy decides to sacrifice Max and spill his blood over the bomb so that the blood of sinners will be the first thing to be destroyed. Before this happens though, he obviously has to go through torture, which is supposed to "cleanse" him. While this goes on however, Max's emotions are getting pretty beat up.

Joy, Anger, Sadness, Disgust and Fear are all joined by Pain, who is bad enough, but then something else arrives, and begins to chase the emotions through Max's mind, it is... INSANITY! It preys on the emotions, slowly draining them one by one as it grows stronger, more prominent within Max's mind. It begins to take over as Max grows weaker during the torture.

Finally Max is brought out to be sacrificed, with the bomb ready to go off as soon as he is gone. Then, Imperator Furiosa arrives with a squad of vehicles, and a fight begins. Max escapes the blade and joins her, but the Leader of the Cult (Probably played by Hugh Keays-Byrne) escapes with the bomb. What follows is the sort of epic chase scene you could only see in Mad Max. His emotions inside are being driven out by Insanity one at a time, he no longer feels the presence of fear, and it makes him daring enough to leap onto the truck with the bomb on it, but a tornado forms near them, and drags Furiosa into it! Her death means nothing to Max anymore, he has lost pain and sadness. He only feels anger and disgust. He kills the Cult Leader and stops the bomb, as the tornado calms down.

Who is left?

Max is. The emotions are all gone, driven out by insanity. Furiosa is gone, and Max is left more alone than ever, finally driven totally insane.

Thanks for Reading guys! I'll try not to be so Sad in the future!


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