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I was really excited to see who would play Aquaman. And Jason Momoa was definitely not my first choice to play the king of Atlantis in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. To me, he just doesn't have the look to play him. So I have 10 actors who I think could portray a better Aquaman.

Jensen Ackles

Probably best known for his role in Supernatural, Ackles definitely is a younger choice for the role. But he looks a lot like Aquaman. And needs a bigger movie role.

Charlie Hunnam

Now that Sons of Anarchy is over, Hunnam needs a big role to keep his career going. When I think of Aquaman, I think of Charlie Hunnam. And he also is a fan-favorite.

Garrett Hedlund

Hedlund's biggest movie role has been in Tron: Legacy, and who are we kidding, that wasn't the best or successful movie. This could have been it, but now that Momoa is cast, I guess he will have to wait.

Alexander Skarsgard

Maybe my personal favorite on this list, Skarsgard is a great actor. He, as well as many others on this list, are not extremely popular though. He needs a big movie break. And being a superhero would definitely boost his popularity.

Luke Evans

With him recently being in the Hobbit trilogy, he is fresh in many peoples heads. And now would be the time to add another big movie to the list.

Ryan Gosling

Being one of Canada's bad boys, Gosling is familiar to a lot of people. He is skilled and could pull off a role like this.

Tom Hardy

Another favorite of mine, Hardy needs to be in a superhero movie role. He could almost pull off any part, but he would be even more exceptional as Aquaman.

Sam Worthington

Being in the top grossing movie of all time isn't easy, it takes hard work, skill, and determination. If he could do it then, he could do it now as Aquaman. And he's Australian, who doesn't love an Australian actor.

Josh Holloway

Holloway already has the long hair, so he doesn't need a wig. He hasn't had his big break, but that doesn't mean he doesn't deserve the role.

Alex Pettyfer

Pettyfer has only been in ten movies, so he is a pretty new actor. He is young, so he could last a while as Aquaman. He also has a definite Aquaman look.


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