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Pixar has done it again. After a few years filled with sequels/prequels or efforts that weren't their best we are finally given an original film. Inside Out is the kind of movie I expect from Pixar and hope they continue to expand upon. Before we get more into this review let me just say there will be NO SPOILERS so if you haven't seen Inside Out don't worry I won't ruin it for you.

Usually, I like to do video reviews alongside my written reviews but I'm under the weather and I don't think anyone wants to hear my nasally voice. Since I got all of that out of the way let's hop inside my review!

Like you saw in the trailers Inside Out is about the little voices inside our head. More specifically we follow the team of Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear played by an all-star cast. This crew is inside the head of 11 year old Riley. I absolutely loved this concept. It was such a fun premise and I was really looking forward to it. Let's start with the Bads of the movie.

The Bads

First and foremost let me say that there wasn't a lot to complain about in this film so it won't be long before I hop over to the Goods. A couple of nit-picky things that weren't my favorite was the fact that we were mainly inside Riley's head for the entire film.

Based off the trailer (posted below) we figure there would be some more interactions inside the thoughts of Riley's parents or other characters. However, besides this HILARIOUS interaction between Riley's parents and her there isn't any.

Sorry if that sounds like I'm really reaching but I just loved this scene so much. I loved how the mother's voices in her head were so concerned over Riley's mood while the father's voices were watching a memory of a soccer game. That is just priceless.

One of the other nit-picky things is the story really focuses on Joy and Sadness where as we barely get to see the other hilarious voices of Disgust, Fear and Anger. I guess I'm giving an example of something I didn't like by also complimenting it at the same time but the best parts of the film were all 5 emotions interacting at once.

Like most Pixar films Inside Out was very emotional. That's not a bad thing of course because it covers some powerful subjects but I just think I wanted more comedy to balance out the parts that had me on the brink of tears. Lastly, my only complaint was I wanted Riley's parents to have a bit more of character opposed to being just stereotypical Mom and Dad's you see in any family film.

That's all I can complain about but let's jump on over to the Goods!

The Goods

The breakout character in this film was Sadness voiced by Phyllis Smith who became famous playing Phyllis on U.S. version of The Office. There was no one else who could have done a better job as the voice of Sadness. Even though Sadness was seemingly doing bad things in the film you couldn't help but feel for her with the combination of Phyllis' voice performance and the character's design. Just look at her. Such a cute little character.

Amy Poehler was also perfectly cast as the happy go lucky Joy. She could've been just an annoying dumb-faced smily waste of a character but both the writing and Amy Poehler's voice performance made for an impressive arc for Joy.

The entire cast was great with Bill Hader as Fear, Mindy Kaling as Disgust and Lewis Black as Anger but I just wish they had more scenes to showcase their characters like Joy and Sadness. Richard Kind also deserves a shoutout for voicing Bing Bong an imaginary friend from Riley's past.

Something else I loved about the film that shouldn't be a surprise when it comes to Pixar Animation is the beautiful visuals in creating the world. They are able to take you inside this bright, magical world that is only our brain but make it easy to understand the world-building going on. The little details you find in the background are breathtaking.

I wish the film was longer so we could keep exploring this world. The writing, the direction, the voice acting, the visuals all add up to make a fun film for the entire family. I'm sure a lot of people think that's a cliche description but I'm 23 and I had just as much fun as probably a 9 year old or a 40 year old would. These kind of original ideas bring me flashbacks to when the first time I saw any of the Toy Story movies or Monster's Inc.

Pixar needs to stay on this path of creating tremendous world's for us to explore instead of re-hashing old ones. I'm still upset they are making a Toy Story 4 if you couldn't tell. Adding everything up here is my final rating:


Tremendous: Going to Buy it when it Comes Out on DVD

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