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Vinny, E, Drama and Turtle are back in business. Vinny has a big movie offer from his Agent turned Studio Head Ari Gold, but Vinny will only take the movie if he can direct, and when the movie goes way over budget, the studio isn't too happy.

Based on the hit HBO TV Show, Entourage takes place after the events of the 8th Season and sees the Entourage living the high life. Vincent Chase is one of Hollywood's biggest stars, E has a baby on the way with Sloane, Drama has the role of a lifetime in Vinny's new movie HYDE and Turtle started his own Tequila company.

The film which released earlier this month in the US opened to very negative reviews, only scoring a 30% on Rotten Tomatoes, but this is the rare time in which I completely disagree with the site. As a huge fan of the show, I loved the Entourage movie, it gave me everything I wanted and more!

The show sees Vincent and his friends both through business and their social life and the enjoyment of the show comes from their inseparable bond. The chemistry between Grenier (Vinny), Connolly (E), Dillon (Drama) and Ferrara (Turtle) is stronger than ever and it's just as if the show never went away. We're thrown right back into the world of Entourage, the characters, humor and incredible list of cameos are all here and they've never been better.

Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) having previously retired from the agency business is now the head of a major Studio and he wants Vince to star in his newest project. His loyalty and faith in Vince has the studio worried, so the Co-Financier sends down his son to check out the film and decide whether or not to put any more studio money into the project. The story of Entourage the movie is one that may have taken up an entire season of the show, but somehow it all gets wrapped up within under two hours. Some subplots are forgotten along the way but the main story has a good arch and will make fans of the show very happy for one certain character.

Doug Ellin, who created the show directs the film and does a great job, he knows the characters better than anyone and gives everyone their moment to shine, especially Johnny 'Drama' Chase.

The marketing for the film highlighted all of the celebrity cameos and they don't disappoint. Some get more time than you'd think such as Ronda Rousey and Emily Ratajkowski, but some are almost so brief that if you blink, you'll miss them such as Common or Tom Brady. And yes, before you ask....Gary Busey is in the movie.

There is more than enough here to keep fans of the show thoroughly entertained, whether it be the opening title sequence which was a great callback or whether it be Ari Gold going off on one of his anger fueled rants and shouting at Lloyd. I can see how people who haven't seen the show may leave the theater unsatisfied as a lot of the humor comes from knowing who these characters are, but for those of you who have seen the show, I couldn't recommend Entourage enough.

The show was very testosterone fueled, and only a couple of female characters were ever shown any respect, and that is the case again with the film, I was wishing for some stronger female characters after a while.

The cast is great, everyone does a great job in their roles but of course, much like the show, Jeremy Piven as Ari Gold steals every scene he's in! He is of course the funniest character in the film but also has all the best dialogue that is almost impossible not to laugh at.

The movie looks spectacular, everything is shot beautifully, the cars, clothes and women look like they've come off the set of a Michael Bay movie. The movie is fundamentally a season of Entourage shortened down into just under two hours but it works, and I'd be more than willing to go back for a sequel.


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