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Joe Dante the man who bought us Gremlins, Small Soldiers has released a new movie called 'Burying the Ex'. A new horror comedy starring Anton Yelchin and Ashley Greene. Dante who we love for his horror comedies not to forget how much we loved Gizmo, has created something different for our new era of teen age horror, which to tell you the truth we all love and enjoy no matter how old we are.

The story takes us through Max (Yelchin) and Evelyn (Greene) relationship. Max is a sucker for horror films, works at a horror costume and memorabilia store, while his psycho girlfriend Evelyn is a crazy, clingy, snobby eco obsessive person. and you'll find out why!

The two may have their differences but once Max asks Evelyn move in together Max didn't know what he was getting himself into. He soon decides that he can't do this anymore and seeking help from his half brother Travis (Oliver Cooper) he decides he wants to break up with Evelyn. Unfortunately for Max the story doesn't end happily as the night he asks Evelyn to come to the store before thinking about breaking up they pledge their love for each other to be together forever in front of a devil doll with supernatural powers.

Long story short when Max finally decides he wants to break-up and asks to meet Evelyn she gets hit by a bus and dies. While living with his guilt for if he could of ended it differently, he is Evelyn free, but is it for long? Sometime passes and Max meets Olivia (Akexandra Daddario) a cute rock chick who owns a ice-cream store. Olivia notices Max from the time they came into her store with Evelyn. After Max finally decides to move on and enjoys Olivia's company, he doesn't know that something horrible is coming his way, a knock on the door from an unexpected visitor non other than your dead Ex-girlfriend!

I enjoyed watching the film, sometimes it's nice to lay back and not think or concentrate on a film and that's what i felt about 'Burying the Ex' an easy watch and quite funny. Sometimes it's nice to watch different films at times and i do enjoy a easy watch film with humour.

The actors played their roles really well, who knew the Twilight actress could pull off more roles than Alice. I actually enjoyed watching her and i thought she stood out a lot within the film. The film was shot really well in the way it was made and looking back at it i don't think it had much of a budget either. But it did pull it off. The make-up's pretty neat also.

I highly recommend it a watch, specially if your into horror, comedy or a bit of everything. The next lines from the movie.....



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